Who I Need Him To Be


How many of you think about all the qualities you “need” your man or ideal man to be for you to feel good?

I for sure do.

I want him to be Generous. Attentive. Kind. Affectionate. Funny. Charming. Stylish. Committed. Loyal. Honest. Attractive. Smart. Cultured. Ambitious. Emotionally available. Anti-Trump.

Ok fine— the last one for SURE is a non-negotiable for me.

But the rest all seem like pretty reasonable desires, right?

I’m not arguing that they’re unreasonable qualities to seek out in a partner, but I see so often how this trips up so many of my single clients, friends, and even those IN committed relationships.

And ummm… ME.

We’re so focused on who he is, how he shows up, what he says and does (or doesn’t!), that we’re not really connecting to OURSELVES.

“But Claire, when he’s generous or sends me a sweet text, it let’s me know that he’s interested and is thinking of me, which makes me feel WORTHY and LOVED!”


It’s your THOUGHTS about that person that makes you feel worthy and loved.

So what’s it going to take to tap into the feelings of worthiness, self-love, self-compassion, loving kindness, warmth, and SECURITY you CRAVE from your partner, and instead cultivate all of these desired feels for YOURSELF??

Record scratch.

Look, I’m not saying you don’t want to attract a fabulous partner, or that there are some qualities in your current partner you simply don’t want to love, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

But EVERY time (yes EVERY) time we’re needing someone to be something they’re not, we’re asking for PAIN.

I’m all about effective communication with a partner to see if perhaps a little more physical affection would be something he’d be interested in offering because it’s something that you crave, but WHAT IF HE REFUSES TO?

You get to DECIDE the MEANING you want to make out of him not wanting to express himself in that way. You get to DECIDE if it’s a deal breaker.

And full transparency, this would be a tough one for me, but I wouldn’t know it was a deal breaker until I was IN the relationship.

Perhaps he WAS physically affectionate at one point but then became withdrawn.

The life coach in me would want to explore that vs FIGHT IT and get curious at a time when I sense he might be more open to have a conversation vs MAKE DEMANDS THAT THIS IS WHAT I NEED AND IF YOU DON’T GIVE IT THEN I’M OUT.

As I type the above, I feel a little residual shame because I used to be that woman who would look for all the reasons to bounce.

Frankly, I have a tendency to still do it, but I now have the tools to check myself and a fabulous VILLAGE of coaches and women who hold me accountable to not let FEAR take over my DEEPEST desire, which is to find true love.

We are SUCH complex humans, loves. The older I get, the more I realize that NOTHING is black and white when it comes to our closest relationships.

Stay open. Go deep within. Ask yourself what your supposed need from him is REALLY about, and if it’s possible for you to fulfill that need for yourself.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a gem of a concept MY coach, Stacey Smith, shared on my recent business retreat in Cabo.

She said that before she met her fiance, she thought about the kind of man she was searching for. And then she thought about the kind of WOMAN the man of her desires would be looking for, and she BECAME that woman.

Now don’t freak out— this isn’t about molding to become someone you’re not. This is coming from a space of desiring the highest quality human, and then wanting to be that highest quality human to match him.

This is something that has really stuck with me in the last week…

The man I desire is just pure good. A solid human. He’s hilarious. Kind. And he’s looking for a woman to knock his socks off and challenge his bullshit. He wants a family, like me, and he isn’t afraid to go after what he wants… ie ME. ;)

So who’s the woman I need to be for him?

She’s NO BULLSHIT. (check!) She’s vulnerable and kind and fun and generous. She’s flexible and easy going, but not a doormat and isn’t afraid to implement boundaries so that her own self-care practice and work aren’t compromised. She challenges him in a loving but sometimes brutally honest way, and DOESN’T NEED HIM TO MAKE HER HAPPY.


We are both just a lovely addition to each other’s life.

I’m gonna continue to sit with this belief and manifest the F out of this beautiful relationship that I know is waiting for me at the perfect time and in perfect place.

While fully believing your person is out there, become the BEST version of yourself. And if you’re already in a relationship?


Work with me to figure out HOW.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday from DUBLIN!




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What This Heartbreak Coach Is Willing to Let Go Of


When I told people I was going to Cabo for a business retreat, the general consensus was:

“WOW! That’s going to be AMAZING!”

Yes, it would be, but I also knew I was going to be triggered as f%$*.

I signed up for this trip with 10 other life coaches who, like me, are looking to grow their businesses to super high levels.

In case you’re new to my blog, I’ve been a big preacher on how DISCOMFORT is a GUARANTEE when it comes to growing in ANY area of your life.

So, yeah… Cabo was going to be beautiful and luxurious beyond my wildest dreams, (we were fed sushi on a YACHT, y’all) but I was mildly terrified about shining a light on my fear of getting towards where I want to go.

Enter my baller of a coach, Stacey Smith, who is a force to be reckoned with.

She’s about to scale at almost a MILLION DOLLARS in her THIRD year of being a coach, and her belief that I can do it too, astounds me.

As we mapped out the next THREE YEARS of what we would like our businesses to look like, the panic, resistance, and dare I say, DREAD, set in.




The third one really threw me into a tailspin.

I’m a heartbreak coach and to be honest, I’m a little bit OVER getting my heart broken right now.

I think I’m READY for love.

I think I’d make an amazing partner to someone.

I think I’m TOTALLY worthy of a healthy, strong, and happy romantic relationship.

So if that’s what I THINK, and am still a firm believer that my thoughts create my reality, then why is the RESULT that I’m NOT in a desirable relationship?

As we mapped out our three-year goals, the most mind-blowing part of the exercise for me was writing 25 things I’d be WILLING to fail at or let go of, in order to reach my goal.

A few were easy to rattle off, like skipping a blog post one week, or accepting “no’s” from potential clients, which I’m actually quite good at, being that I’ve been acting on and off professionally for the last 18 years…

But without thinking twice, #22 almost wrote itself:

I’m willing to let my heart get broken over and over until I meet Mr. Right, without letting it be a reflection of how “good” of a heartbreak coach I am.

My deepest truest self KNOWS I’m REALLY GOOD at coaching on heartbreak, even though I sometimes get super pissed when I think, “Yet again, another dude who flips the switch after being full court press,” which just so happened to me recently.

I teach my clients that we don’t get to have control over our circumstances. We get to control HOW WE SHOW UP under our circumstances, and DAMN I feel pretty freakin’ proud about the way I show up.

With Grace. Class. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Honesty. Respect. And Kindness.

I allow myself to feel the disappointment.

I take a compassionate inventory on my own behavior and fairly evaluate what I could have done differently, if anything at all.

And now a days— for the most part— I find myself to be pretty BADASS in my dating life.

This doesn’t always guarantee me the results I want, but it does offer me an invitation to step deeper into the well of love that exists within.

THIS is what I’m so proud to guide my own clients in discovering.

Our hearts will inevitably hurt in this lifetime, but we can learn to manage it, be with it, love it and build SO MUCH RESILIENCE so that it will continue to stay open and vulnerable and BELIEVE, no matter what.

I love what I coach. I love what I’ve endured so that I GET TO COACH. And I love that I’m still continuing to heal, learn, and grow as a human and as a coach, with zero shameful secrets to hide.

I accept that others might see this as a “failure” on my part. Or not accomplished enough to coach them…

But I’m not for everyone.

And if I keep living it to give it for MY PEOPLE, and practice what I preach with love and compassionate allowance to fall on my face, I will continue to see my life as an exciting opportunity to share more of who I am and how I show up.

What do you want to achieve? What bullshit limiting belief is holding you back from believing you can?

What if being IMPERFECT at what you want to do is an opportunity for you to step further into the fire and come out the other side as a transformed being you never knew you were capable of becoming??

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, my loves. This I know for sure.

But if you want to create a life that’s different from where you’re at, I also know for sure you can 100% MAKE THAT HAPPEN.


If so, message me for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.




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What I WOULDN'T Do For My Client


It’s funny.

As a life coach, I’m ALL about reminding my clients about how far they’ve come and if they’re getting in their own way, I’m not shy about pointing that out either…

After all that’s what I hire MY coaches for!

But it’s easy for us to lose sight of all that’s been accomplished while we’re continuing to work with a coach so that we can keep on GROWING.

Last week, I had a session with one of my year-long clients, who is a recovering people-pleaser.

This girl is about as sweet and kind as they COME. She cracks me up with her spaz attack sense of humor, and her desire to step into the best version of herself on a daily basis in ALL aspects of her life is awe-inspiring to say the least.

Unlike a majority of my clients, Sarah did not come to me with relationships issues.

In fact, for the five months we’ve been working together, our sessions have NEVER been about her live-in girlfriend of 2 years, because it really is and has been an ideal relationship.

Anyone else out there thinking, WOW! I WONDER WHAT THAT’S LIKE!

Just me?

Got it.


Recently, she started taking a closer look at her relationship as any introspective person would after two years, EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE REALLY NO PROBLEMS!

Sarah’s partner is her best friend. They’ve been through hell and back together, and love and support each other in all that they do.

And despite how far she’s come in stepping into her own power and taking responsibility for her THOUGHTS, there’s still a deep part of Sarah that cares so much about what others think.

And it started to occur to her that her life would be A LOT easier overall if she was in a heterosexual relationship.

I asked, HOW SO?

She really didn’t have great reasons!

Her family is supportive. Everyone at work knows. And she lives in one of the most progressive cities in the country!

But I let her have that one, despite it being just a thought: “My life would be easier if I was dating a man.”

I thought the same last year when I was dating a Jewish man. Although I don’t consider myself a practicing catholic, I very much identify with my Irish Catholic upbringing, and it certainly wouldn’t have been EASY to convert for multiple reasons…

It would have broken my parents’ hearts. I would have had to do a lot of work on automatically THINKING I’m not fully accepted or fully approved of by his family. And overall, I’m just personally not a fan of ANY organized religion.

So yeah. It would have been easier.

And I can’t imagine what it would be like if I was dating a woman or a black man in this country, knowing that SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT.

So yes.

I gave it to Sarah.

Overall, her life would be “a lot easier” if she was with a man.

But here’s the deal. She fell in love with a woman.

Who loves her unconditionally. Allows her room to grow. Supports her spastic ways. Gives her space when she needs it. Wants to grow old with her. And is willing to be her most raw and vulnerable self with her.

From where this heterosexual SINGLE female was standing, (or sitting!) I was starting to think it really didn’t have to be so hard for Sarah.

It was just hard for the lil people pleaser INSIDE her… not to mention the GUILT she was feeling for having such thoughts because she couldn’t possibly love her partner more.

All of this emotional overwhelm led to the big q for her life coach:


I had to laugh.

And them lovingly tell her NO.

We’ve worked together long enough that I knew I didn’t need to tell her, and after she got the question off her chest, I didn’t even have to prod her.

Her most grounded truth came out:

I always thought the perfect situation would be to have SECURITY.  The promise, the ring, the children, etc.  But RIGHT NOW I feel very happy…. Today is an amazing day.  I’m very happy with what my day to day looks like and life looks like RIGHT NOW.  I don’t know what’s next but I want to keep GOING FORWARD. 

I ACTUALLY feel good about having a non-traditional kind of situation.   NOT a heterosexual relationship…  And we’ll cross the next bridge when we want to— not when we should. 

I said, “Sarah. What did you just do?”



The work WORKS, my loves. We just gotta get all the very human, mindmade garbage off our chests and ask for guidance to get to our truth.

We ALL have blindspots. We ALL get in our own way. We ALL have fears about whether or not we’re doing all the “right” things.

I couldn’t be prouder of Sarah. It was one of those “PINCH-ME-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THIS-IS-WHAT-I GET-TO-DO-FOR-A-LIVING” MOMENTS.  

Where are you feeling stuck? What’s holding you back from not figuring it out? Fear? Not enough time? Not enough money?

Those are just excuses, loves. No time like the present.

If you are SUPER COMMITTED TO CREATING THE CHANGE YOU CRAVE and want more than anything to be in much more self-owned, empowering place SIX MONTHS FROM NOW, MESSAGE ME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.




PS This week I’m heading to CABO with my coaching tribe for a BUSINESS RETREAT. Stay tuned for lots of updates and aha’s from PARADISE with a MAGICAL group of women!


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Recovering Self-Help Addict Over Hurrrr


In my late 20’s into my early 30’s, I found myself grasping at any and all healing modalities to “FIX” what was “wrong” with me.

I remember in one of my many moments of despair, one of my closest friends who was very much over my mind-made drama, and rightfully so, said:


At the time, I was definitely NOT in the space to receive her unconditional love and acceptance of the hot mess I was, and proceeded to keep searching for that missing piece that again, would FIX my broken self.

I was a devout yogi, (and taught yoga), practiced meditation daily, did reiki, attempted to see several therapists I hated, and read every self-help book under the sun, thinking THIS was the one that would SAVE MY SOUL!


Looking back, I know what my best friend was telling me was EXACTLY the thing I needed to hear…

There was no way I was going to attain authentic healing and happiness WITHOUT fully loving, forgiving, and ACCEPTING myself exactly the way I was at the time.

Looking back, I recognized that not only was I addicted to toxic relationships, but I was addicted to self-help WITHOUT ACTUALLY HELPING MYSELF.

I’m sure you see a similar pattern with people who want to lose the weight— they buy all the books, join weight watchers, talk about food, obsess over food, but don’t actually lose the weight.

All talk and no walk.


A place where I’m 100% committed to personal growth work, and currently making it my life’s work?

Several things:

1) Instead of highlighting the shite out of every self-help book and taking notes, I actually started IMPLEMENTING the tools into my life.

2) I finally found the right therapist when I moved to LA 5 years ago. Don’t say “I’ve looked but they’re all terrible.” Your person is out there, and you shouldn’t stop until you find him/her. (also I’m taking on new clients in November. Message me for a FREE CONSULTATION)

3) I started to serve others in a very organic way after the therapy was starting to really sink in. This inspired me to explore becoming a life coach for shits n’ gigs… Little did I know this work would catapult me into creating the life of my dreams.

4) I MADE A COMMITMENT to NOT berate my body anymore, NOT put myself down as a romantic partner, and FULLY OWN that I’m a life coach/actress— judge the F away on this total LA cliche, because the only way that title is changing is if I decide I want to try something else.

5) I allow myself to feel sad, anxious, mad, scared, etc. ALL THE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS WE’RE TAUGHT NOT TO FEEL FOR TOO LONG, IF AT ALL. I accept that these experiences are part of being human. THERE’S NOTHING TO FIX WHEN I’M FEELING THESE EMOTIONS. Loss hurts. Not hitting goals feels frustrating. Old limiting thought patterns will inevitably creep up, and sometimes thought work isn’t the answer when it all feels too heavy.

6) I commit to my own coaching work which entails doing thought work DAILY, and lay my shite out on the table to my coaches and coaching group. Now that I KNOW there’s nothing to fix here, I just get psyched to continue to grow and expand bc frankly, life would be boring staying exactly where I am.

What if you decided there was nothing to FIX about yourself?

What if you just believed you were amazing as you are right here, right now, and looked at doing the work as a way to EXPAND vs. FIX?

What if you made a commitment to NOT put up with anymore bullshit your brain is telling you as a way to keep you safe and small and comfortable in your discomfort of thinking you’re not worthy of an amazing partner, or a thriving business??

You don’t have to go crazy and grasp at all the straws outside of yourself the way I did…

But perhaps you get EXCITED about having a life where you wake up on a daily basis and feel psyched about being in the skin you’re in?

Start from there. Implement the tools. And decide if it’s a therapist or a coach that would be the right fit for you.

Not sure what the difference is? Message me for a FREE CONSULTATION and I’ll explain. I will NOT take you on as a client if I think therapy is a better fit for you. So what’ the harm in finding out??

I’d say none if at the very least you come to the same cathartic realization that you are perfect just the way you are…

right here, right now.





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Why Personal Growth SUCKS


And I call myself a life coach?! Stay with me here…

There’s a running theme occurring with my clients who aren’t all necessarily going through heartbreak…


One just DTR’d (defined the relationship— had to think about that one myself when she texted it me!) with the guy she’s seeing.

Another just had an EPIC birthday weekend getaway with her closest friends who live out of state and all made her 30th an amazing one.

And a third, finally got the opportunity to relocate to another state with her family, after wishing and hoping for it for SO. LONG.

Yet—they all admitted—their thoughts were NOT ALL excited ones. Actually, they were freaking out more than doing backflips.

Before you go into judgment and think, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!, I invite you to pause and recall a time when you finally achieved something you’ve been working towards that you felt was out of reach, but chose to panic vs celebrate.

My client who DTR’d initially came to me because she was healing from a narcissistic abusive relationship— my WHEELHOUSE— so when someone new and fabulous comes along, her brain wants to prepare for the other shoe to drop. (HELLO, I’ve DEFINITELY been there!)

My client who was a QUEEN on her 30th had been doing a TON of emotional healing work after years of living with a chronic illness. She’s also wrapping up several trainings in functional medicine, yoga teacher training, and becoming a health coach, so after just turning 30, is wondering what the hell it’s all gonna look like after stepping away from the corporate world while doing all she can to live her best life, all the while managing inevitable physical flare-ups.

And despite some initial excitement, my client who’s finally moving closer to family, the big change involves spending a lot of money relocating, time selling her home and finding a new one, while also working a full-time job, raising a three-year-old, finding her a new school, and committing to her personal training certification.

I certainly relate to this fear and anxiety that comes with the GOOD, thanks to the recent rapid growth in my business that I’ve been wanting to create for over 2.5 years, while continuing to audition, stay on top of personal coaching with my coaches, and also being available for my 15 clients…and DATES— because I ACTUALLY MISSED DATING after taking a break while focusing on building Claire Your Mind.

But here’s the thing…

I would RATHER have anxiety attacks, a few sleepless nights, and have stress manifest in my neck in shoulders thanks to PANICKY THOUGHTS IN THIS NEW ELEVATED SPACE, than continue to sit in the comfort of my discomfort of staying small.


Our brains are NOT comfortable when we break through the blocks that hold us back from thriving…

The signal of CHANGE — even a POSITIVE one— makes us feel like something isn’t right because we are habitual beings, NATURALLY COMFORTABLE IN THE DISCOMFORT of attracting shitty men, being a slave to chronic illnesses, or feeling like we’ll be “trapped” in places we don’t want to be.


Some people don’t think it is because it would mean ACTUALLY leaving the spouse who treats them poorly and they’d feel too guilty about the effect it would have on their kids.

Or it isn’t worth saying no to the extra slice of pizza because the emotion they’d feel by NOT satisfying the craving is more painful than carrying the extra weight on their bodies.

Or cutting off complete contact with an ex would mean truly not knowing what they’re up to and ACTUALLY moving on vs. holding on.

All totally understandable reasons to stay in the comfort of your discomfort.

Of course I would encourage you to strive to tap into being your most healthy and authentic self, even if it entails hurting your loved ones and/or feeling all the painful and scary feels, but all I’d like to offer you today is WHY NOT GET CLAIRE EITHER WAY? (no I’ll never stop with the dorky puns)

Because if you’re that girl who says, I know I need to do X but now isn’t the time or I don’t have the money, know that your mind can justify those excuses to the very end.


When I shifted my thoughts about my worth as a female entrepreneur, THAT’S when the high-paying clients came.

When I worked tirelessly on my worth as a romantic partner, THAT’S when I started attracting lovely guys who treat me the way I know I deserve to be treated.

And hell, I’m probably the least fit I’ve been in a long time, but I can honestly say I haven’t felt more beautiful because I’m so proud of the PERSON I see when I look in the mirror… It makes me teary to type this truth after so many years of berating my body, thinking that “ONE DAY, I’ll get it perfect so that I can book the right job and find the right guy.”

What’s the thing you want to change and heal most about yourself? Or that one goal you’ve been thinking about as just a pipe dream??

If you AGREE that committing to retraining your brain is the gateway towards making that happen, KNOWING this will cause your brain to FREAK OUT and therefore cause your body to go into FEAR AND PANIC, is it WORTH all that to get to where you want to go???

I for SURE can say it’s been TOTALLY been worth it for me, and I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s TOTALLY been worth it for my clients too…

After all, if it sucks to stay stuck in your shite AND it sucks to grow in order to get where you want to go, WHY NOT CHOOSE THE ONE THAT HAS THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL?

BUT if the pain ISN’T worth the gain, instead of berating and judging yourself for NOT taking the leap, find compassionate THOUGHTS that will allow you to make peace, and LOVE where you’re at NO MATTER WHAT.

Self-blame and shame is for the BIRDS, my loves.

What decision can you get CLAIRE on and make peace with?

IF you decide you DO want to grow, contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION and get on my waitlist to work with me when my doors reopen for more one on one coaching!





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Another Thing I Need to Fix About Myself


I’ve been working with a kick-ass client for the last 6 months who is only—wait for it—


She’s extra near and dear to my heart because she’s getting her BFA to become a professional ACTRESS.

Although I never pursued a BFA, I understand that such programs are grueling on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

(yes, these are my THOUGHTS on what I’ve heard about BFA programs)

“Hannah” came to me initially because she was having trouble staying on top of it all, but made it clear that she WANTED to excel, so I was excited to take her on.

Throughout our time together, she has grown into a mature, authentic, vulnerable, articulate, and self-aware young woman. She’s open to playing with every tool I have to offer, but has a mind of her own to say when something isn’t working for her.

She’s gracious, FUN, and so enthusiastic about tapping into being her best self in ALL areas of her life…

So essentially, a DREAM CLIENT!

I’ve expressed to Hannah several times how proud I am of her and how I think she’s moved mountains in this growth work, and when I do, I get a little emotional!!

I see so much of MY 19-year-old self in her, and I get SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED about what her life will be like, being that she’s learning and applying these life-changing tools at such a young age both in school and in her personal life RIGHT NOW.

But like most of us, it’s much easier for Hannah to focus on the things she needs to “fix” over all of her wins.

I’m noticing this about myself after some major growth in my business over a short period of time.

I worry that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, or am getting “too confident” that clients will continue to effortlessly flock to me the way they have over the last few months, EVEN THOUGH I’ve closed up shop for the time being as I acclimate to managing 15 clients while wrapping up another job, continuing to audition, up my self-care game, maintain a pretty fab social life, and get back into dating again.

Which THEN makes me think, “Oh no, now that I’m dating again, I’ll lose my focus and momentum and everything I’ve worked so hard for will all go to shit!”


Instead of focusing on the fact that thanks to the growth in my business, I’m traveling to two countries next month, and have two more awesome trips planned for 2019, (not to mention some pretty amazeballs, boss-babe, hair extensions I treated myself to) MY BRAIN IS MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE WORRYING ABOUT PUTTING FIRES OUT THAT AREN’T CURRENTLY HAPPENING!

And when Hannah was given some constructive feedback from her professor who first and foremost told her that her TALENT is there, she went into panic about what she needed to “FIX.”

So before I plugged her thoughts into one of the most brilliant but simple tools that I use on myself and ALL my clients, I paused to say, “Hannah, first of all, do you understand how far you’ve come?”

This is where I want to be cautious of NOT being the coach who blows smoke up my clients asses just for the sake of making them “feel good,” because most of my work is about pushing them through lots of discomfort in order to get them to where they want to go…

Because let’s face it— if your life coach is constantly telling you how great you are, you’re NEVER GOING TO GROW.

But I also recognized that Hannah NOT fully CELEBRATING and OWNING all that she has accomplished during our time together, was making her feel like there’s SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER.

Her response was rushed with a “yeah, yeah, yeah, but there’s still so much I need to work on. My brain wants to focus on the negative.”

Well the good news is, SHE’S NOT CRAZY and NEITHER ARE YOU if you relate to this.

When I slowed her down to tell me what she thinks she’s achieved during our time together, I again got teary!

“I’m much more self-aware. I don’t suppress my anxiety. I’m willing to feel my uncomfortable feelings, and even though my school work isn’t perfect and I still struggle with that a bit, I’ve gotten much better at it.”


19, people.




“No. With you I feel so excited and motivated and confident on our calls, but then I’ll go to class and feel intimidated… like everything I say and do is the wrong thing and then I beat myself up, wishing I said NOTHING instead of saying something that I THINK they want to hear.”

Did I mention that this girl is only 19?!?

I’m BLOWN AWAY by her self-awareness and ability to articulate exactly what she “thinks” is wrong because the irony here is that THIS IS SUCH A WIN THAT SHE’S NOT ALLOWING HERSELF TO SEE!

Hannah, what if you looked at this constructive feedback as another awesome challenge to overcome the way you’ve done it so beautifully over the last 6 months with everything else?

Instead of THINKINGthere’s so much more I need to fix about myself,” why not CHOOSE TO THINK:

WOW— my professor thinks I’m talented!! He wants to best prepare me for the real world as a professional actress by giving me something else to work on, which I’m TOTALLY CAPABLE of because I already have evidence of being able to do the uncomfortable work!”

I reminded her that her professor is just human like her and I, and it sounds like he really is invested in guiding her to be her best self, like I am as her coach.

WHAT IF THE THOUGHTS YOU THINK ABOUT WORKING WITH ME THAT MAKE YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, and EXCITED could also be applied to your professors who you’re currently ALLOWING to make you feel intimidated??

And when you’re back in class and getting in your head about how you “should” be, just come into the body again. Get out of your professor’s head and what HE is thinking about you, and come back to YOU.

Show him that not only are you the talented actress he recognizes, but that you’re also the hard-working, enthusiastic, prepared actress because you’re DOING the work.

When you are so psyched and solid about your work, who you are, and what you bring to the table in ALL areas of your life, you’re not worried about what others think.

I think about this as an actor myself, and as a coach, and as someone who’s now dating again.

If I’M so psyched about what I’ve prepared for my audition, or genuinely LOVE what I offer my clients, or am fully self-owned in who I am as a potential romantic partner, while always allowing room for growth, I won’t be worried about what the casting director, my clients, or the guy I’m on a date with thinks about me.

The chips are going to fall where they may— all I can do is rest my head on the pillow knowing I’m doing my best…

Nothing to fix here.

Just excitement about continuing to grow and learn until the day I die, and embracing all the discomfort that will INEVITABLY COME ALONG WITH IT.

Personally, I wouldn’t want it any other way, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next for Hannah with this new “there’s-nothing-to-fix mindset!”


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My Boyfriend's Other Girlfriend

My Boyfriend's Other Girlfriend

When you are in AUTHENTIC alignment with your TRUTH, and have DONE THE WORK to heal the kind of very low self esteem that allowed she and I to attract the kind of man who gets a sick high out of destroying women, THE MOST INCREDIBLE AND UNEXPECTED GIFTS WILL PRESENT THEMSELVES.

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I've Got "Trust Stuff"

I've Got "Trust Stuff"

“How is it ok to admit to him why I reacted the way I did, but also NOT allow myself to admit that I’ve got “trust stuff?”

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Single Girl At the Wedding. AGAIN.

Single Girl At the Wedding. AGAIN.

Instead of looking for someone to love the fuck out of you, why not start loving the FUCK OUT OF YOURSELF?!

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If Only I Didn't...


…behave so poorly.

…send that accusatory email.

…stoop to his level.

There was a running theme of regret amongst friends and clients this past week.

We’ve all been there: wishing we could rewind time so that we could get a second chance at acting differently, and therefore control the outcome to be the opposite of what it is right now.


Do you know how I know it is exactly the way it is supposed to be??

Your flawed and shameful behavior included?



wait for it…

Drumroll for the eyeroll pleeeeeassse…

When you argue with reality, you suffer… but only 100% of the time.


This doesn’t mean we do back-flips over lashing out on our loved ones, and give ourselves a nice pat on the back for our not so emotionally mature behavior.

But it DOES mean we get to take full responsibility and do some deeper digging on what our words and actions were really about, ALL THE WHILE LOVING OURSELVES THE MOST throughout the process.

Because unfortunately, the person on the receiving end of your negative behavior may pull back, judge you, or no longer want to be as close, whether that’s permanent or temporary.

And the natural reaction is to then shame and blame yourself for “effing things up.”


So often, we look for someone else to forgive us, and if they don’t, we ALLOW OURSELVES TO FEEL DOOMED.

But what if your only job was to FORGIVE YOURSELF?

I know— it’s the antithesis of what my early childhood catholic education taught me, BUT we don’t get to control the reactions of our loved ones!

We only get to pull ourselves up my our bootstraps, forgive the past, and do the work on ourselves so that we KNOW we will show up differently in our future.

But Claire, I’m scared I WON’T SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY.

I 100% guarantee you will show up differently in your relationships when you commit to DAILY MINDSET WORK.

Your thoughts create your results.


And if someone isn’t willing to forgive you or no longer wants you in his or her life, that ACTUALLY ISN’T A REFLECTION OF YOU— it’s a reflection of THEM.

I don’t say this from a place of judgement on them.

We are ALL doing the best we can, based on our unique veils of perception that were born from past experiences.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with this:


This doesn’t mean you should hold out hope that the person you disappointed could come running back, but I’ve lived long enough to know that THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE SHOWING UP AND LEAVING, AT THE EXACT RIGHT TIME.

I had a broken friendship for three years— one I was very resistant to repairing because of MY OWN ANGER and JUDGEMENTS— that is now one of the most meaningful friendships to me.

And there are two men in my life who I had very deep and intimate connections with, who I now consider dear friends— whenever I reach out to them, they’re there, and vice-versa.

I have a chuckle to myself whenever we connect, because my heart at one point had been CONSUMED with them, and when the relationships dissolved, I thought, “NEVER AGAIN!”

But the universe has a savvy way of working if you just show up to the present moment, do the work, and allow the chips to fall where they are SUPPOSED TO.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.


I have ONE SPOT LEFT for my one-on-one coaching program.

GAH!!! This makes me SO excited.

I will be taking a break from taking on new clients for the months of October and November, and most likely, MY PRICES WILL GO UP IN DECEMBER.





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