My sessions with Claire are so inspiring!  I leave our conversations with a sense of hope, excited about the new possibilities in my life that I couldn’t have even imagined before working with her.  She helped me to design a roadmap of action steps to help me move toward a greater vision for my life. I’m so excited to see what happens next. Although it can be tough to break through what is holding you back, it’s worth it when you get to other side.  I have to admit, I shed a few tears when I realized there was another way to approach limiting thoughts that had been holding me back for years. Thank you, Claire, for putting me back in touch with me and what I truly desire. Thank you for giving me such valuable tools to put into practice! I feel unstuck and renewed. 
— Brittany W.

“Opened my eyes”

Working with Claire has opened my eyes (and heart and mind!) to the notion that I already hold the solutions to overcome the reoccurring roadblocks in my life.  Through gentle prompting using introspective questions, mindfulness tools, and soothing silences, she creates a safe space that allows me to reveal my own truths.  I have breathtaking moments in which profound issues that I never understood before, become crystal clear.  

Claire is sensitive to the fact that the work is challenging, and she coaxes me along with her nurturing and focused energy.  I now have tools to quiet the self-doubt and self-judgments that have distracted me from attaining my goals in the past.

— Pamela M.

"It’s liberating"

I’ve been working with Claire for a few months and at first, I was immediately attracted to her warm, welcoming style.  She’s a very positive and open person, so I quickly felt comfortable talking about challenges I was facing in my personal and professional life.  As I began to open up, I could hear her listening to what I was saying, especially when she pointed out trends in my stories–I was excited to start my journey with her. 

We discuss strategies and techniques I can use in my day to day– specifically, tools I can implement to help overcome some of the obstacles I face.  A lot of the exercises seem simple, but are hard for me to do on my own without having someone (like Claire) to encourage me along the way.  Being an anxious person, some of the smallest things can feel very daunting.  We talk about actual strategies to deal with this –sometimes she sends me texts of encouragement and reminders along the way.  She’s always on my side. 

One of my favorite tools is, “Name it to Tame it” – which is being aware of how my body and mind is reacting in the present moment.  When going through a stressful situation recently, I went into a quiet room and “named it” to “tame it!”  My fears were diminished!  Claire helps me get out of feeling isolated and gives me tools to calm myself through that process—it’s liberating. I would recommend her to anyone –regardless of what you’re going through. A life coach can only make you stronger. 

— Teal M.

"Changing the course of my life"

When I signed on as a client of Claire’s, my life was at a crossroads–with a long-term relationship that had just ended in shambles and a new job fast approaching, my self-confidence was low and my anxiety high.  Working with Claire gave me the ability to see things in myself that already existed and she offered tools to unearth gifts I didn’t know I ever possessed! 

The lessons I’m learning while working with Claire are changing the course of my life and are allowing me to not fear the “what-ifs” of the future.  I would recommend anyone looking to ground themselves and redirect their energy to be used in a positive way, to give themselves the gift of Claire Your Mind.

— Victoria C.

"More ‘aha!’ moments than years of therapy"

When I signed on for life coaching with Claire three months ago, I wasn’t sure there was anything new I could possibly learn after years of personal growth work.  Boy was I wrong.  She opened me up to profound new insights on limiting beliefs and patterns that have held me back from living my life fully.  I’ve been able to navigate through a major life transition, finally found the confidence to launch a business I’ve been planning for years, and have seen more abundance in my life as a result of our work together.

Claire’s brilliance as a coach comes from her amazing ability to listen to my scattered and long-winded downloads, and then hones right in on the most important point and recurring themes.  Her amazing sense of humor and relatable life experience has made me feel safe and comfortable, even when we’ve worked through really tough stuff. 

It has been so amazing to work with someone who just ‘gets it,’ has a huge heart, and coaches with love, but still pushes me to be accountable to my goals.  Working with Claire has given me more ‘aha!’ moments than years of therapy.  If there’s anything you’re trying to work through –career, relationships, money, anything–I promise you that hiring Claire as your life coach will get you there 10x faster, with more confidence and clarity than you could have ever hoped for.

— Jamie M.

Claire is the definition of a coach - she supports you, expects you to be your best, understands when you fall (because that is life) and is always there to listen. I have worked with Claire on and off for several years. She truly digs into the thought work - something that can be hard to do alone when you are with your negative thoughts all day long. Claire helped me reach beyond my thoughts that were not serving me and asked me to create new, supportive thoughts to help my relationship with myself. Claire also pushed me out of my comfort zone and asked me to own my goal of loving my body and treating it like a temple - which is not dieting or only eating greens. It is about digging up the thoughts that create self-sabotaging behaviors and asking the questions “why do I need this?” “is this thought true?” I am incredibly grateful for Claire because of how real and honest she is about my life and her own life. She is no doubt someone who sees your full potential and helps you find all the inner tools to reach your goals.
— Lindsay H.