Get Over Your Own BS!

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This might be Claire's TOUGHEST LOVE EPISODE!

Facing the music with your own BS is the gateway through to your true happiness.

Healing is hard because you BELIEVE it's hard.

Get over your own excuses---EVEN IF YOU SHARE KIDS WITH HIM

Claire breaks down a whole model on how having kids with him doesn't give you the ammunition to justify that it's so much harder for you to heal than others who may not have had kids with an ex.

It's SO EASY to justify our pain... but when does it stop? When do you take charge of your life and change YOU instead of waiting for him or her to change?

How badly do you want to change? How CONSISTENT do you want to be applying the model to RETRAIN your brain?


What do you WANT to think?

How committed are you to finding RELIEF?

YOU GET TO DECIDE if you want to transform your pain into a GAIN.

Claire reveals some of her OWN BS she uncovered in this episode too... this is why she recommends a coach! To call you out on your own BS and get you to where you want to go!


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