What to Eat On A Broken Heart

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Claire brings back her bestie and health coach, Jamie McKeowen, to discuss what you should eat on a broken heart. EATING WELL IS CRUCIAL at this time, despite many people's resistance to food, thanks to no appetite when moving through a lot of emotional pain.

Jamie brings TONS of wisdom and tips on what to eat, what to avoid and AMAZING supplements you can take, that Claire herself uses and is obsessed with.


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Reach out to work with Jamie and learn her story: www.wholelifejems.com

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Vegan Ice Cream Recommendations

Van Leeuwen

Vixen Kitchen

So Delicious

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

* Look for ‘ice creams’ with a base of coconut, cashew, almond or oat milk. Ideally go for one that has fewer ingredients and is free of gums and binders. 

Health(ier) Chips

Jackson’s Honest

Siete Foods

Late July

Supplement Recommendations

WishGarden Herbs – wishgardenherbs.com

            Emotional Ally – ‘A big herbal hug’ support for anxiety or grief

            Deep Stress – Adrenal Support

            Liquid Bliss – ‘Oxytocin in a bottle!’

B Complex – Jarrow B Right, NutriGold B-Complex Gold

Omega Fatty Acids – Nordic Naturals Fish Oil, Ora (plant based omegas)