He's Out of My League

Friendly reminder from Claire to APPLY the tools from this podcast, or hire her or someone else as your coach so that you can uncover blindspots EVERY human carries.

Don't just sit there and listen. Stand up and INTEGRATE what you're learning, INTO YOUR LIFE!

In today's episode, Claire divulges more about her being single, all the work she's done from being someone with no self-esteem to someone who owns that she is a total catch who deeply loves herself...

Until a dreamy brit started chatting to her at the gym, and all her "I'm-a-catch" thoughts flew out the window!

Cognitive dissonance: when you look at the same circumstances with opposite thoughts.

On the one hand Claire believes she's a total catch and then on the other, she meets a man who she thinks is "out of her league."

Evaluate where you're undercutting yourself in your dating life.

"He's out of my league" is just a THOUGHT

AND YOU GET TO CHANGE THOSE THOUGHTS and be in TOTAL belief of the catch you are whenever you feel like it... so like, why not NOW?


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