When He's On the Attack

Claire "THOUGHT" she was being attacked this week by the trolls who disapproved of her article on Kourtney Kardashian's new lifestyle site, POOSH.

It's totally normal for all of us to have AUTOMATIC negative thoughts when things like this occur, but we're not going to change others... we can only change OURSELVES

Claire breaks down the thought "He's attacking me," with Brooke Castillo's thought model. 

The words those people wrote to Claire are NEUTRAL-- it's the MEANING that she initially made of them that caused her to feel triggered.

Her ACTION to defend herself yielded her the result of getting attacked MORE!

So, she plugs into a new intentional model with the SAME NEUTRAL CIRCUMSTANCE and explores how she WANTS to feel...

Calm.  At peace.  In acceptance.

So what would she need to THINK in order to feel this way??

If one person's heart is inspired to heal in exchange for 100,000 haters, IT'S WORTH IT TO GET TROLLED!  


With these new thoughts, her action is to focus on SERVING and FOCUSING on all the love and support she DID receive from so many people who appreciated the article.  

And the RESULT is:  Staying in her own lane!  Continuing to do her thing and FULLY ACCEPT that the larger her audience, the more criticism she'll be suceptible to, which is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

You get to change your story, loves.  You're the only person who can dictate how you can feel.

If you want to stop wanting him back, you have to stop thinking that he's attacking you.  

Start focusing on YOU.  

Find new thoughts!  COMMIT to them.  Over and over and over again.