I Want HIM To Make Me Happy

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Claire calls BS on anyone who claims they've never thought they need a man to make them happy or complete the perfect picture.

Even if we INTELLECTUALLY understand that other people don't make us happy, it's so human and natural for us to want a significant other or ANY person we love to "make" us happy.

Claire talks about her client, Sarah, who recently had the rug pulled from underneath her when her boyfriend broke up with her abruptly... this is coming off the heels of some serious conversations about moving her kids into a home with him in the near future.

Sarah shows up for the work and believes in Claire's approach that our thoughts create our results... BUT she had a GOOD argument:

Her man made her happy by taking her out to nice dinners, having great sex, going on romantic getaways...things her wonderful girlfriends couldn't give her in the same way he could.

Claire dishes on why Sarah is STILL responsible for her own happiness, regardless of if she's single or not, and offers her a CRUCIAL FIRST STEP in order to cultivate this AUTHENTICALLY.

Check out Brooke Castillo's work in her book SELF COACHING 101 and learn more about the thought model tool Claire references in every episode and applies on herself and her clients.