It's Not Him-- It's YOU

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It’s so easy to berate your body when you don’t like how it looks, but that’s when we need to love it the most…

And the same goes for when you’re heartbroken!

We want so badly for the other person to love us in order for us to feel better, but the LESSON IS FOR US TO LOVE OURSELVES NO MATTER WHAT.

It’s NOT him-- it’s YOU and the MEANING you’re making out of him leaving, which is CAUSING YOU SO MUCH SUFFERING.

Sure, you might treat yourself to an amazing trip or a massage or a shopping spree as a way to be kind to yourself, but the ONLY way to FULLY heal is to change your story and MANAGE your MIND around your ex.

Claire LET her rock bottom ex have the power to decide her worth AND decide her lack of worth…

Instead of being in his business about the meaning behind his words vs actions, why not get so in love with you and start, thinking, feeling and behaving as the woman IN your ideal relationship.

How do you show up as if your ideal partner already here??

You could start to think feel and behave from THAT space, instead of thinking, feeling, and behaving from a place of rejection and unworthiness.

It’s NOT him—it’s YOU.

This is the best NEWS EVER.