Forgiveness without Apology

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Claire talks about her past, being a natural-born fighter, and although she hasn't "perfected" forgiveness without an apology, she does take credit for how far she's come.  

She touches on her THOUGHTS that cause her to feel anger, preventing her from forgiving one particular person at this point in time.  

NOT forgiving is a CHOICE.  

Forgiving also doesn't mean CONDONING someone's behavior... it's more about freeing YOU up.  

Whatever you're judging about someone else is something you're not owning about YOU.   

Explore shadow work and thought work from the book links below:

Your THOUGHTS about OTHERS and THEIR behavior is what causes you suffering.  

You get to DECIDE how you want to view a situation!

If you feel stuck and don't know how to stop obsessing over someone else's behavior or feel out of control with your anger, MESSAGE CLAIRE.