I Think I’m Great But Why Doesn’t He?

Who can relate to feeling SO good about yourself because you’re DOING THE WORK and then you attract an amazing man and it’s all lining up in the magical way you dreamed, and then…

He bounces.

On the one hand, you wonder what the hell is the point of doing all this work?

And then on the other hand… you think NO!  It’s HIM!  I’m AMAZING!


Crappy.  Righteous??

Action:  Resist the reality of him leaving

Result:  questioning your own greatness and wanting him back

Brooke Castillo reference:

If someone says you have blue hair, you wouldn’t bother to need him to see that you don’t.  You KNOW that you don’t. 

If you need someone to see your greatness, there’s a part of you that isn’t fully owning it. 

First step:

Feel the disappointment. 

Investigate areas in your life where you don’t feel great—your job?  Your body?  Your home? 

We can’t control the circumstance of him leaving…

We can only look at the thoughts we think about OURSELVES under the circumstances.

This is an opportunity for you to do more work on you… NOT to get the right guy but to keep cleaning up where you’re not fully owning yourself.

Do the work on your greatness for YOU, no matter what. 

Look for evidence as to why HE wasn’t great…

Claire shares a few of her own personal experiences with men who ended it with her, who she quickly realized weren’t her guys.

She clocked a few red flags along the way but stayed open when there was enough good…

HOWEVER these noted red flags made it easy to remember that he WASN’T that great. 

No regrets!   There will always be things we don’t love about our partners so it’s important to stay open as long as there aren’t MAJOR dealbreakers, based on what you’re seeking in a partner. 


Who cares if you do all this work and you still haven’t found him??

That’s not the point!

Stepping into vulnerability and your authentic self isn’t meant to be for someone else! 

It’s never about what he thinks.  It’s always about what YOU think of you.