Friendship Heartbreak with Liz Elkins Newcomer

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When a friendship ends, often, we experience heartbreak just like we do in romantic relationships. That is something that I had with today’s guest, Liz Elkins Newcomer. Liz was previously on episode 27 and we talked about heartbreak and the enneagram. At the end of that episode with Liz, I shared that we experienced some heartbreak with each other and our friendship. In this episode, we dive deeper into what lead to that, and how we both did the work, and have replaced that with something deeper and more real. 

Topics in this episode

  • How the enneagram type relates to friendships

  • Don’t take it personally

  • Our enneagram types, and the defense mechanisms of those types

  • How Liz was there for me when I was at rock bottom. To hear more about that time in my life, please listen to episode 5

  • Building up “credit” in a friendship

  • Be the real you, not the ideal you 

  • We always find proof where we’re looking for it

Links in the discussion

Work with Liz: