What I Just Don't Want To Do

…is write this blogpost.  I know--insert Stephanie Tanner’s “How rude!” But before you write me off as rude or are too turned off to continue reading, can I get a “Hey-o!” for a little honesty, and a bonus “Hey-o!” for still doing it?!

I just did not want my picture taken in this get-up and I wasn't going to hide it then either.

I just did not want my picture taken in this get-up and I wasn't going to hide it then either.

When I launched Claire Your Mind last month, I was psyched to create my weekly Claire Your Mind Mondays blog.   My excitement over finally getting to the other side of a lot of heartache, stress, and disappointment, as well as my enthusiasm to share how possible it is to not only get through it but change for the better because of it, inspired an easy list of 26 blog topics for this type A to plan ahead for the next six months.

However, the beauty of the last six week's worth of posts is that I never resorted to the list ONCE.  Present life lessons organically created new topics of inspiration that seemed to pop up perfectly in my clairedmind

Up until this past week.

I begrudgingly caved to the list and didn’t find ONE subject to do backflips over. Furthermore, I felt creatively spent from obsessively scrutinizing over the last six posts. Whether you feel obliged to read because you’re my dad, are genuinely entertained, or hate CYM Mondays so much that you read them just to berate them, it takes a lot out of me to write these suckers!

So over the last 48 hours I grappled with the struggle between honoring my resistance to write, and honoring my promise to loyal subscribers and clients—the genuinely entertained who are the reason I’ve embarked on this most rewarding chapter to date.

As a life coach, I’m trained to help you become aware of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and ultimately dissolve them.  From this new perspective, we create action steps towards supporting a healthier and more freeing belief system, instead of the "shackles on" feeling stemming from "I should" thoughts.

It sounds a lot easier than it is so lucky for you, I’m also trained to “live it to give it,” so here’s how I navigated myself out of the resistance of feeling like I “should” write, despite my not wanting to.

Martha Beck—the genius behind my training program, created what she calls the 3 B’s.

Bagging it was definitely an option, despite the inevitable trigger of Irish Catholic guilt I’ve yet to fully nip in the bud. I simply did not want to put out crappy content--even for the Claire Your Mind haters;)

Bartering it was not an option, despite how lovely the thought of trading my coaching services with some insanely talented writer friends would be.  Unfortunately, Annabel Your Mind doesn't make sense even though I swear her mind is more claire than mine.

Bettering it was the final and best option.  I asked myself, “How can I "better" this situation?”

What immediately came to me was, “Tell them the truth!”

The thought of writing about NOT wanting to write just felt feckin’ freeing!   My lost inspiration was found again by the idea of sharing my essential truth, even at the cost of potentially disappointing loyal subscriberswho I "should" put on a consistent high-on-life facade for—another limiting belief that simply doesn't serve me.

This fear of disappointing others brought me back to the simple yet powerfully life-changing quote I shared a couple of posts ago in What Do you Do?, that I was fortunate enough to witness Martha deliver:

“The people who are offended by your truth are not your people.”

My truth is that I felt uninspired up until I realized how OK that was!  Could I have bagged writing this post and worked through the unnecessary guilt? Absolutely! But reaching into my big ole self-help toolbox before throwing in the towel organically got me to a place of inspired action-- I mean who can't relate to feeling forced to say or do things you don’t want to?! 

What do you not want to do this week? Can you bag it, barter it, or better it? If you bag it, can you be ok with owning your truth and fully let it go? If not, you should probably contact me.

See what I did there? :)

Or you can just follow my lead because next week I’m bagging #claireyourmindmonday while I’m on vayyycayyyytionnnnn!!!!


Happy Claire Your Mind Monday. See you back here on June 6th—Irish Catholic Guilt-Freeeeee!


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