VIDEO POST! I Want to Make a Change...



I decided to shake shite up a bit and post a video blog (VLOG if you will) this week.  You might be surprised to learn that although I'm an actress, I'm quite uncomfortable posting videos of me playing ME. It's a lot more scary and vulnerable to share my own content and put who I am out there, versus playing a character created and directed by others I've usually put on some kind of artistic pedestal.    

But after a two-week hiatus from blogging, something in me felt compelledto actually talk about the topic of wanting to make a change without knowing exactly what that is...

It's definitely unchartered territory I've embarked on as of late, so I thought, "why not embrace the unchartered territory of vlogging while I'm at it?!"

It just might be the thing that navigates me towards my next step:

Using my brain in a different way by stepping out of my comfort zone while knowing deep within that matters most is that I believe so wholeheartedly in today's message.

So here it is, flaws n' all:  I Want to Make a Change But I Don't Know What It Is

If you like it, please comment and share with anyone who this might resonate with.

Finally, if you can relate to not putting yourself out there out of fear of what others think, I'm going to offer a gem I stole from life coach training:


So here's to sincerely hoping I piss all of you off.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday:)

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