The Best AHA! I've Had in Months

The best part about being a life coach is that I attract women who are just like me. The worst part about being a life coach is that I attract women who are just like me.

On the one hand, I LOVE coaching those who experience similar struggles I’ve had, because I KNOW they’ll heal and thrive if they actively apply the tools that have beautifully shifted my own life.

On the other hand, it’s really freakin’ hard to practice what I preach on a consistent basis!

This past month was a bit of a doozy—mainly because I moved and a comedy of errors ensued before, during, and after it all. I barely felt like I was coming up for air in the midst of the chaos, while continuing to build Claire Your Mind, coach the most clients I’ve had at one time, audition, socialize, and yes, even date.

All of the above left me feeling exhausted, eating poorly, exercising less, dropping my meditation practice, and drinking more alcohol than even this Irish girl likes to consume.

Cue the shameful, self-sabotaging thoughts that spiral into all kinds of old, painful stories I was convinced I’d kicked to the curb.

My mind and body eventually had enough.

This past week I got my half sunburned, half ghost-white arse to the beach (meaning my face versus my body--not one cheek versus the other) and got real QUIET AND STILL.

I found myself in complete awe of the soothing warmth from the sun while simultaneously absorbing the calming coolness of the breeze—as if I’d never experienced such a phenomenon before.

(Just roll with me on this rare occasion of feeling a blissful connection with Spirit, ok?!)



What immediately came to me was, “You can be both.”   

You can be both creatively stimulated and frightened about the future.

You can be both proud of what you’ve accomplished and still want bigger and better things.

You can be both a strong, independent woman chasing big dreams while still longing for a partner to share your life with.

You can be both a hard-working, committed life coach and still slip into old negative patterns, even when you know they no longer serve you.

Several days later, as the savvy universe would have it, I coached a kick-ass client who was experiencing this similar sense of longing and dissatisfaction, despite understanding how beautiful her life currently was.

Through some gentle probing and my favorite thought-dissolving tool, The Work, by Byron Katie, Lauren had the same discovery as me: “I think what you’re trying to tell me is that it can be both!”

The truth is I wasn’t trying to tell her anything. She came to it all on her own, but I loved how it was a shared lesson of the week for both of us.

Knowing it can be both takes the pressure off everything needing to be perfect.

Knowing it can be both gives us permission to be the multifaceted, complex humans we are supposed to be.

Knowing it can be both reminds me that the future I dream of and wonder about will be just as perfectly imperfect as it is right now.

So why not love…well….


Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.

What would it look like to open yourself up to accepting your conflicting thoughts and feelings as they are right now?  Notice the sensations in the body as you grapple with needing it to be one way or the other, or if you're fixating on the negative over the positive.  Then look at how it's possible for both to be happening at the same time.  Are there any shifts in the body with this new perspective?  Comment on your observations below!

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