My Most Intimidating Client

I’m the youngest and the only girl with two older brothers. To say I’ve always dreamed of having a big sister is an understatement.

How cool would it be to get boy advice, borrow clothes, and have my Irish parents broken in by her American teenaged antics first?!

Little did I know at 23 when I showed up to babysit at a friend of a friend’s door, I HAD FOUND HER!

You might think it was a little too late being that I was technically a full-blown adult, but this hot mess needed a big sis more than ever.

Christine was/is the coolest, smartest, and funniest woman I know.

I’ll also go out on a limb to say she’s the happiest, while still maintaining a refreshingly hilarious outlook on the curveballs life throws at us.

And in the midst of being a model wife/mother/successful entrepreneur with a full social life to boot, (because who doesn’t want to be her friend?!) she always made time for my drama throughout my 20’s into my early 30’s.

As I reflect back on all the times I called Christine feeling helpless, hopeless, and heartbroken, I feel embarrassed by how heavily I relied on her in the midst of the full life she was leading.

So you can imagine the shock and discomfort I felt when the woman I admire and aspire to be like most REACHES OUT TO ME FOR COACHING!

My initial reaction was, “She’s clearly trying to do me a favor to help me build my business.”

Christine is the first potential client I actually tried to steer away.

“I’m happy to do a free session so you can see what it’s about but like, don’t feel you need to continue or anything…”

(So business-savvy of me, I know.)

And in true Christine-like fashion she said, “Claire, once you hear the shit I tell you, you’re gonna say I need to call twice a week!” 

So I caved to working with the coolest, smartest and funniest woman I know, and four sessions later it’s safe to say:

Christine is an actual human being who feels deeply and grapples with limiting beliefs that no longer serve her, just like the freakin’ rest of us!

And I’m quite chuffed to share that she has risen to the occasion with every tool and has no problem telling me to go F myself when I question if I’m giving her too much.

(She isn’t Irish but she sure does know the language to me heart!)

As a result, she’s been kicking ass and feeling pretty great over the last few weeks, and on a selfish note—SO. HAVE. I.

Working with Christine has helped me see just how far I've come, despite the odd old limiting belief tape that plays songs like, "Your Friends Pity-Pay You."  And even though my head believed the following lessons below prior to working with her, she really hit them home as absolute truths in my heart these past few weeks: 

1) EVERYONE HAS SHITE. And as scary and emotional as it is to show up and talk about it with someone you trust, the rewards are a magillion-fold. (for both parties!)

2) WE ARE NEVER FINISHED. Just when we think we have it all figured out, some kind of rug will inevitably be pulled from underneath us and it’s how we handle the external events that count.

3) RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVER-EVOLVING. I certainly don’t feel like a role-reversal happened with Christine and I, but never in a million years did I EVER think I’d become her freakin’ life coach.  So to those of you dealing with difficult loved ones, remember that it's just for now and who knows how the relationship could miraculously shift in the future?  Keep doing you.  Remember: your external world is a reflection of your internal world.  When you change for the better or shift to a higher vibration, so will they.  

(I feel another blog coming on…)

So the moral of the story?

If Christine needs a life coach, then you DEFINITELY do.

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Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.


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