I Stooped and I Ain't Sorry!

For all you non-viewers out there, please judge away on my OBSESSION with The Bachelor/Bachelorette reality series on ABC. It is hands-down my favorite way to numb out and have the greatest laughs with my besties while hardcore emotionally investing in the few good eggs who appear on the show.



(MARRY ME CHASE!)                                                                           

In the most recent season of The Bachelorette, Jordan Rodgers won Jojo Fletcher’s heart, despite many viewers’ skepticism of his intentions.

Only time will tell if the pair will last and I could go on a tangent as to why they won’t, but I’ll wait til I gain enough status to appear on Bachelor Live—the after show where a lot of ground is covered about what the F just happened on the latest outrageous episode.

Making things EXtra interesting, Rodgers’ EX, Brittany Farrar, (unknown until he went on the show) has taken it upon herself to share PROOF of his cheating antics while he prances from interview to interview denying “lies” about his past that involve her.

So being the 12-year-old girl trapped in a 35-year-old body that I am, I immediately tagged my Bachelor/ette Fan Squad with gossipy delight and took my “enthusiasm” an extra step further by arguing with trolls who were  telling Brittany she needed to get over it, and accusing her of being a fame-whore.

To say such negative reactions to her bravery for speaking her truth was triggering for me, is an understatement.

I know what it’s like to be cheated on by someone I love.

Being betrayed in this way is one of the worst feelings, but it magnified 1000-fold when the tangled web of lies he spun to cover up the double life he was leading compromised my character to many mutual friends.

All that my physical shell of a person had left was my truth, and I was going to do EVERYTHING in my power to hold on to it.

So I can’t imagine the magnitude of anger, pain, and angst Britt must have suffered (I figure we’re now on a short-name-basis considering she HEARTED MY POST defending her honor!) both during and after the show as Jordan vehemently denied the truth about his past, which inadvertently (or advertantly) included lies about MY BESTIE ON NATIONAL TV!

What woman with a backbone WOULDN’T want to defend her name and character in that situation?!  

It reminds me of the flack Kelly Ripa received for owning her anger about having the rug pulled from underneath her when Michael Strahan announced leaving their show.

Somehow a woman speaking her truth about a man’s wrongdoings is still perceived as overly dramatic and crazy, and I’m f***ing sick of it.

Did I stoop to the trolls’ level?  ABSOLUTELY.  AND I AIN’T SORRY!

I may be a life coach but I’m still a human being, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to make some noise when it comes to fighting for what you believe in.

I didn’t harass. I didn’t defame.  And most importantly, I didn't compromise my personal well-being in the process.  

In fact, I felt empowered supporting a woman who never asked for a false story about her to be exposed in such a public way, and then rose to the occasion by fighting for her truth with strength, class, and some incredibly hilarious and well-deserved hashtag zingers on his behalf.

So let’s start the petition for Brittany Farrar as the NEXT BACHELORETTE!  

And then get back to our regularly scheduled lives involving you contacting me for a FREE SESSION and me finding my own husband instead worrying about other people finding theirs...

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.

When has your character been lied about or put into question?  Did you do something about it?   Any regrets on taking action or not taking action? Share below!



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