I Get So Emotional Bay-Beh

You know those overly emotional people you see crying in airports and you think, “Get it together, Lady!” or “I wanna give you a hug!?” Well I hope the folks here at Charleston International Airport are feeling the latter about my hard-to-miss tear-stained, purple pants-wearing self right now.

I’ve just said goodbye to my family who I don’t see too often. Sometimes I’m OK parting ways, but today I feel like their baby girl all over again, not wanting them to leave me with the baby-sitter.

It was a pretty great family vay-cay. Lots of teasing and laughs at everyone’s expense, (aka Irish love) delicious food and wine, beach time, and a few epic rounds of Family Feud—I legit think I’m related to the funniest people I know.

So needless to say, waking up on the last day today was NOT a fun feeling.

The plan was for Mom and Dad to hang with me until my evening flight back to LA.

I loved the idea of more time together but all I could think about was the little time I put into prepping for my audition tomorrow morning (today by the time you read this) and the ZERO time I put into Claire Your Mind Monday this week.

(I love you guys, but sometimes life happens!)

The whole morning I felt angsty and tired and couldn’t decide what do. Should I pass on the audition? Tell my parents to leave? Bag the blog?

Nothing felt right.

Lucky for me I just so happen to be a life coach, so as I started to spiral I used my favorite three check-in questions to bring me back to presence.

1) What thought am I thinking? I want to spend time with Mom and Dad, but I need to get shite done that I don't even want to do!

2) What emotions is this making me feel? Sad, anxious, guilty, disappointed, resentful.

3) Where am I physically storing this emotion in my body? My heart center spreading into my chest. Overall exhaustion.

Calling out what’s actually happening prevents the mind from spinning stories that don’t serve me and aren’t true, such as:

“I’m a disappointment for not organizing my time better” or “If I pass on this audition (that I don’t even want) my manager will drop me.”

I then took it one whole crazy step further by being honest about what was going on.  

It turns out they were just as exhausted, totally understood, and I might go out on a limb to guess they were thrilled to get rid of me and get back on the road. (Irish love again!)

Was there a perfect solution? No.

I wasn’t ready to part ways and even though bagging the blog and audition were perfectly reasonable options, my values system navigated me to following through on my commitments this time.

Lessons learned to say "no" to projects I don't want to audition for in the future, and maybe have a blogpost on file for precious time's like these.

I didn't bag it or barter it but I BETTERED (remember the 3 B's?) the situation by calling a dear friend, verbal diarrhea-ing on her, ordering a classy glass of airport red, cheese, and crackers, and got started on my work….

which is hard to do because I shit you not I'm distracted by a hysterical woman sitting across from me.  She doesn't look like she's in the mindset for the 3 q's exercise, so I'm just gonna go tell her to get it together.

I'll let you know what happens on next week's blog.

If I feel like it.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.

What have you been emotional about lately?  Is there something you're griping about that you could use the three check-in questions on, then the 3 B's, and get a little reality check on what's actually happening?  It might not be as bad once you come back to presence.  Try it out and comment below!


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