How I Manifested What I Wanted This Week

Manifestation Salivation Nation

Manifestation Salivation Nation

I’d like to start off by saying "thank you" for actually clicking on this title because personally I am so freakin’ sick of reading about how one manifests shite.   A) It’s HARD! and B) whenever I try the way someone swears is the way to attract a million dollars, IT NEVER WORKS!

But it just so happened that this week I had a break-through AHA! on how to manifest what I want and yes, I’m going to be that blogger who attempts to teach you, because I really think “THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!”

In last week’s post, Work Work Work Work Work, I shared a classic #maryclairebyrnerant I had unloaded to my therapist, spewing a lot of anxiety-ridden fears in the midst of an extreme bout of overwhelm.

Two of the painful thoughts were surrounded around my non-existent acting career and love life.

I recently found myself saying, “WHEN my coaching business is smooth sailing, THEN I’ll put myself out there in the dating world, and perhaps go back to New York for a while where I book more acting jobs.”

Cut to a coaching session with an awe-inspiring client last Monday who talked about her love for entertaining but because she’s living in her “starter house,” it “wasn’t the right time” to break out the wedding china and share her incredible cooking skills with friends.

I asked what it would look like for her to spruce the current place up RIGHT NOW and possibly break out the china NOW and entertain…NOW?!

She immediately rose to the occasion: “I LOVE that idea!” A plan was set to finally get the new rug she'd been wanting, and her lucky guests were selected.

Her excitement was infectious and I hit my point home emphatically with, “The time is NOW, Rachel! F waiting for the new house! Do what you love RIGHT NOW! And from that space of thriving, even more inspired action will come!”

Cue the record scratch.

My deep, inner knowing voice piped up, “CLAIRE!! Practice what you PREACH!”

The truth is that if there was an amazing man in my life I’d be dating him now, despite all the “to-do’s” on my list. And if I was getting great auditions, I’d make the time nowto prepare my best performance, no matter how busy I was with other aspects of my life.

I realized that I was waiting for opportunties to present themselves, instead of creating them FOR myself.

After hanging up with Rachel, I swallowed a huge piece of humble pie and started swiping right a whole lot more than usual and surrendered my semi-traditionalist ego that said, “He should say something first!”

I reached out to New York actor friends asking what filming activity looked like for the summer, and started prepping how I would approach my agents and manager about spending some time back east.

Then wouldn’t you know it, in my New York state of mind, I had my first theatrical audition in months for a recurring guest star on a pilot TV show, which led to a callback with the producers and oscar-nominated director…


Forgive me for saying this because whenever an actor broadcasts that they “nailed an audition,” I cringe over their need for validation from people who weren’t in the room, but here it is: I NAILED IT!

However, I didn’t really have much time to think about it because then I was prepping for a…wait for it….


Like, with a legit man.

A man who asked thoughtful questions and has a killer sense of humor. A man who wasn’t afraid to challenge me and commented twice on how much he appreciated our intellectual discourse without once making an objectifying comment about my appearance.  A man who called out the douchey bar manager when he condescendingly told us there were “signs everywhere,” stating that our stools would be removed at 10pm. (there was a teeny sign on the opposite end of the bar that looked like a happy hour menu angled away from us)  And a man who thank Christ, did not ask me to throw him a twenty when the bill came. (Yes, that actually happened to me once)

Who knows if this guy is my guy or if that role is my role, but I do know that the shift within myself-- my decision to take action without needing a specific outcome in a specific amount of time, as well as continuing to stay present in my life outside of dating and acting, led to the great audition and great date.

Both events were awesome surprises added to my week because my expectations of either happening were non-existent.

It’s a tricky thing, manifestation--that fine line of wanting something so badly and doing all you can to make it happen while authentically letting go of the outcome, but I’m convinced it's the only way to be successful at it.

Comments? Questions? If you know a better way to manifest, please share below.

Come on.  I'll throw you a twenty.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.


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