It Feels Like He Has All the Power

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This is a common disbelief I hear clients and friends on the dating scene often say, and here’s my response:

Why do you THINK he has all the power?

Because you like him?

Because you texted him and you haven’t heard back?

Because you want more than he’s willing to give?

How does this make him powerful, and therefore, YOU, powerLESS?

What if you just like someone a lot, and let that be ok?

What if him not reciprocating what you want is a bummer, but also, TOTALLY OK?

And then I hear, “But Claire, how is it ok that someone who’s the object of my affection, doesn’t want me back?!”


And I 100% ENCOURAGE you to let yourself feel that disappointment.

But then we gotta get back to your BELIEF that your person is out there.

Because if you, in your heart of hearts BELIEVE that your person is out there searching for you, the way you’re searching for him, you wouldn’t be thinking twice about the guy who hasn’t responded to your text.

You’d be movin’ and shakin,’ focusing on other prospects, plans with friends, your self-care regimen, and so jazzed about your dream job, that you don’t have time to check your phone.

GIRL. I’m A WIP on this stuff, mySELF.

But what I know for sure, is being the woman WHO’S ALREADY IN THAT IDEAL RELATIONSHIP, is going to bring you that much closer to him.

What THOUGHTS does that woman think?

Here’s for sure a thought I know she’s NOT thinking…

Uch, it just felt like that guy I was dating before this dream guy I’m now with, TOOK ALL MY POWER AWAY.


Think the way she would think.

Feel what she would feel.

And behave the way you know she’d behave.

That’s when he’ll show up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

It’s hippy dippy woo-woo horseshite you think you “can’t” wrap your head around, even though the IDEA of it sounds great.

I hear from my clients all the time, I INTELLECTUALLY understand it, but I’m having trouble believing it ACTUALLY works.

But here’s my question: IS YOUR WAY WORKING?

Do you have the results you want right now?

Not necessarily with dating, but in ANY area you’re struggling in?

What are the excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be?

Not enough time to put into the task? Not enough money? Or is someone else to blame?

Like the all the man-children that infiltrate Los Angeles, or the douchey New York dudes who are always looking for the next best thing?

My coach just gave me homework to look at an area of my life where I’m NOT taking responsibility.

DAMN, that was a humbling task to say the least.

Without shaming myself, I found multiple places I was relinquishing responsibility.

It came up with a guy I recently dated, a client who was struggling with the guidance I was offering her, and a falling out with someone I deeply care about.

Looking at MY part in any situation allows for the growth, the healing, and ultimately, the TRANSFORMATION.

And when I take this challenge head on in EVERY area of my life, I feel the MOST POWERFUL.

You always have the power, my loves.

And when you think you don’t, just remember, you get to change that thought ANY time you want…

With your thoughts, of course.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.



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