My Last Blog Post

Yep.  You read correctly. 

Are you as heartbroken as this heartbreak coach is?!

Uhhh, yeah…no.  Me neither. 

This weekend, I attended a three-day training with MY coach and mastermind group in Louisville.

I went in with NOT the greatest of expectations.

NOT because my coach isn’t the PERFECT coach for me, (because she is) but last time we were together in November on a business retreat in Cabo, I was SUPER TRIGGERED.   

My business had just started to take off on a whole ‘nother level, (thanks to her guidance), and I started to question if it was all just a fluke.   

My old starving artist belief of living a “feast or famine” lifestyle resurfaced.   

I had just left my assistant job that was not only a safe financial support, but it was emotional leaving such a wonderful and loving boss.

I also had just ended things with a Peter Pan I really knew how to pick, so when I got to Cabo,


This of course cued MAJOR SHAME, as this is what I coach my clients on, on the reg!

So I did what I’m proud to say I always do— when I returned to LA, I took a good hard look at my thoughts, let Stacey coach the you know what out of me, and got clear about what I wanted to create.

This is what I do with my clients. 

I coach.  They do the work.  They evaluate the results.  Do more thought work, and then implement more action.  And look at their results.   

Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat. 

I then embarked on 2019 with all the excitement and CLAIRE-ITY I think I ever had in my life. 

I saw in 2018 that I really can create ANYTHING with my mind, and how changing my circumstance (ie leaving a job or Mr. Wrong) requires me to UP-LEVEL the management of my mind

The guy didn’t do anything to me. 

Leaving the job didn’t cause any financial burden.

It was my THOUGHTS that made me feel pain and fear around both those circumstances.  

So naturally, my desire to implement the action of discussing a three-year plan for my business with Stacey back in November, was PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT. 

And how can you create what you want from a place of fear and sadness?!?!

Ya can’t, loves.  Ya just CAN’T.

So, I knew I was arriving in Kentucky this past weekend as a different woman from even three months ago!

She was more CLAIRE about her business on the plane ride there, and is having the MOST FUN in her dating life that she’s had in a while, and FULLY BELIEVES WHAT SHE WANTS TO CREATE IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

And so it’s NO surprise that the right kinds of guys and NEW CLIENTS are now showing up!  

They’re literally FINDING me on Instagram and Google!  (the clients.  Not the guys--that would just be creepy, you guys;)

So when I addressed how I’m now starting a PODCAST that focuses on heartbreak and looked at how the name Claire Your Mind doesn’t really explain what I do, it was clear to Stacey that we’re getting rid of my business’ name and it’s time to retire the blog.


Not gonna lie—I def felt a dagger to my heart.  

Claire Your Mind is my BABY!! 

But you know what’s SO AWESOME about hiring a coach? 

I made a decision to do EVERYTHING she tells me to do.   

Of course she’s always going to coach me to get to what is best for me, but there are certain things she just knows that are right for me, and I don’t need to indulge my mind drama anymore about things like,


That’s like me being worried that the guys I was supposed to go out with during the first two weeks of January were gonna find another woman they were more interested in, after I kept having to cancel because I was so sick.

Sure, the thoughts that create feelings of LACK and INSUFFICIENCY will naturally pop up, because that’s just what ALL of our brains do when we make big changes or things happen outside of our control,  

But I LOVE that I’m not going to let it be some big dramatic decision because it just doesn’t HAVE to be. 

The right clients are finding me at the right time.

And the right guy is going to wait for me to feel better OR find the right woman for him sooner, which would have been how it was always supposed to be!

Like, MY sickness could be the reason why two people ended up finding the love of their lives!!


I know it’s time for this change. I’m ready.  And I HOPE you all are too, because my heartbreak podcast is gonna be GOLD.

I’m gonna bring on exes, clients, and one day when I have a beau, hopefully HE’LL be game to have a laugh and honest conversation on an episode with me.

Notice how I visualize the latter… 

He’s not even here yet.  And MAYBE the right guy for me won’t feel comfortable doing such a thing and that would TOTALLY be ok…

But I love how far my brain will go, picturing what this podcast WILL become. 

We’ll get deep.  And probs a little dark.  And then have cathartic laughter the whole way through, and come up with REAL solutions to not only heal heartbreak, but TRANSFORM SO MANY HEARTBROKEN LIVES!!! 

Thank you for all the love and support for Claire Your Mind over the last three years. 

I hope you’ll stay tuned for the podcast coming in February, and continued updates on highs, lows, ahas and wins that will continue to unfold, so please stay on my mailing list!

Much Love from My Very Claired Heart,


(As in Claire of Claire The Heartbreak Coach…Nice to MEET YOU!) 


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