Why You WANT a Coach

So often I hear:

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“I NEED to exercise in order for my mind to feel calm.”

“I NEED to have my place clean or I’ll lose my shit.”

“I NEED him to understand where I’m coming from, in order to feel better.”

For the first 10 days of 2019, I was sick as a DOG. (where did that expression come from anyway?!)

Things like having a clean place, getting to exercise, or going on a date, let alone having someone understand where I’m coming from, were completely off the table, for this pretty organized, type A, vulnerable, DOER, if you will.

Not to mention the fact that this self-help nerd was RARIN’ TO GO for 2019.

But the universe had other plans, and I was for sure bummed, to say the least.

All the things I thought I “needed” to stay sane went out the window.

The only thing I could use to stay sane was my MIND.

Funny how that works, right?

Sure, it’s scientifically proven that we release endorphins when we exercise, or connecting with loved ones can ignite our souls, but sometimes those things we THINK we need aren’t available to us…


Do you indulge a bunch of mind drama, fighting a reality based on a limiting belief that you need something outside of yourself to FEEL BETTER?


Do you love on yourself EXTRA hard and have a tough love convo with the self-sabotaging thoughts that for sure, DON’T SERVE YOU?


I’ve been connected to my coach every day, whether it’s been direct coaching, reading/watching her posts, following her personal journey of never letting any obstacles derail her, listening to her podcast and watching her coach my peers like the baller she is.

I stay in the conversation with her about SELF-BELIEF and consistently HOLD MY VISION of what’s POSSIBLE, DESPITE THE INEVITABLE CURVEBALLS LIFE WILL THROW ME.

But damn those curveballs can really F with my mind.

Stacey shows me what’s possible by being an example of going from nothing to EVERYTHING with her mind.

And she holds the space for me to create so much more from where I am right now— when I could so easily use all the evidence of what is or what was to PROVE I’ll never become December 2019 Claire— to where I want to go.

But the truth is, I don’t NEED Stacey.

I’ve got a great strategy for the next 12 months and already have learned a TON from her, so it would be easy to save my money, and THINK, I can do this on my own.

I also have a bunch of friends who speak my coaching language, who I can bounce stuff off of…

But I know myself.

I know it’s January 13th, which might as well be Jan 3rd, as the first 10 days were kind of a wash, and eventually, I’LL LET my excitement, energy, and focus be derailed by external LIFE STUFF.

And no friend is going to hold me accountable the way Stacey has and WILL.

I don’t need her as my coach—

I WANT her as my coach.

I WANT someone to consistently hold the space to point out my blind-spots and not let my bullshit get in my way.

I WANT someone who’s already gotten to a place in her business and personal life in the most authentic, badass, unapologetic way, to be a guide for getting me to that place too.

I WANT someone who 100% believes in my potential and has promised me, she will not let me NOT achieve my 2019 goals.

How BORING would it be if I just coasted and ended up in the same place this time next year, which by the way— IS NOT TOO SHABBY!

I have a GREAT life right now. Friends who are my family. A DREAM city I call home. And a career that gives me all the giddy feels to wake up to every day.

I’m not under the delusion that eventually getting married, having kids, and expanding my business to a magnitude beyond what my mind can fully fathom right now is the answer to my happiness, but I KNOW FOR SURE, I want to keep growing and thriving during this very precious length of time I get to walk the earth.

If you are like me, and wouldn’t want that any other way either, but don’t know how the hell to manage your mind in order to get there, CALL ME.

Friendly reminder: Your thoughts create your reality.


How will you learn to THINK differently without a coach to show you the ways your mind has NOT been serving you?

Time, money, kids, the weather, and your unsupportive partner will always be great excuses to keep putting off the life you were MEANT TO LIVE.

Choose NOW. Choose YOU.

Think of all the things you’ve REALLY wanted, and figured out a way to make it happen.

Whether it was that gorgeous bag that cost more money than a week’s paycheck, but you THOUGHT you were worth it, and it would make you, “FEEL GOOD.”

Or that exotic, fun, girls trip you weren’t going to miss out on because you THOUGHT…FOMO.

OR, you THOUGHT investing in freezing your eggs would offer you relief about having children later in life…

I’m a totally a fan of doing ALL of the above, but if you’ve done those things and STILL find yourself unsettled because you’re single, lonely, heartbroken, broke, stuck on your career path, or too bruised/bitter to date again, GETTING SAVVY AT MANAGING YOUR MIND around those things, should be your FIRST PRIORITY.

I’m not here to say this work is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. But I am here and living proof to say that this work will transform your LIFE.

So my question to you is, why WOULDN’T you want a coach?





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