Being Your Best In Pain


Happy Long Weekend, Loves!  

This week was an ABSOLUTE DOOZY for me, on multiple levels.  

I'm not at a point where I have a desire to share the nitty gritty as I continue to process and heal the multiple triggers, but what I DO WANT TO SHARE, is HOW I SHOWED UP IN MY LIFE, despite the physical and emotional overwhelm I was experiencing.  

On one particular day, I was riddled with anger and sadness--the kind of pain that made my heart physically hurt, my body go into a panic, and caused my resistance to reality to become a total BEAST.  

Of course these reactions frustrated the life coach within-- after all, I'm the QUEEN of preaching that when you argue with reality, you suffer.  

But boy did I argue and therefore suffer, with full awareness that doing so made me FEEL LIKE SHITE.  

I did what I tell all my clients to do-- BE WITH THE PAIN.  Breathe through it.  When you're ready, plug your thoughts into the model, and see what you can reach for that feels better, but still TRUE.  

I did those things, but STILL DIDN'T FEEL BETTER.

I went for a walk, but STILL DIDN'T FEEL BETTER.  

I went to yoga, but STILL DIDN'T FEEL BETTER.

And then I went into MORE PANIC.  


I have a consultation in TWO HOURS, and I feel MOST UNCLEAN to deliver to this wonderful human who's showing up and sharing her story with me for the first time.

I ALMOST didn't reach out to my coaching accountability partner, because I felt so much shame for not being able to Claire My OWN Mind.  

And I almost didn't reach out to my coaching group where my coach is always available, because I didn't want to hear that I should probably cancel and make sure I'm clean for my call at another time.

But then something in me knew better.  

I had done all I could for myself, and I realized that if I'm too proud to take this to the right people who will hold the space and never tell me what to do, but ask me the questions I need to answer to come to the right decision for ME, then how can I expect my clients to rely on me for when THEY ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION??  

Life coaches need life coaches!   

I'm usually pretty proud to say that I HAVE TWO COACHES, but on that day, I was ALSO AFRAID that what if my rage and pain were stronger than the love and expertise of my brilliant coaches and community?  

But what pushed me to reach out was that I knew I would want my clients to do the same.  

Practice whatchya preach, girl.

And what I got back were the most beautiful gems of wisdom, that cracked my heart open and made me shed more tears-- but ones of relief.

Claire, Do you think it’s possible for you to be CLEAN for your consult even if you’re experiencing the pain in your personal life? Is it possible to allow for both to be in your realm of possibility and not have one impact the other in a negative way? What if you can be absolutely EXTRA AMAZING (because you are) in your consult, while you’re still dealing with your pain?

I was blown away by Kathryn's immediate response, which reminded me of my experience at rock bottom 7 years ago and I was teaching a ton of yoga.  Right before every class, I thought, "There's no way I can get through this."  But I did, and my whole being would completely shift by serving others and doing what I love.

I responded to these beautiful, poignant questions that I had an automatic resounding YASSSSSSSS to.

I 100% CAN show up for this potential client in my pain without shame or resistance.  I have NEVER preached that this life coaching work is about feeling amazing 24/7, and sometimes I'm going to be in pain while I coach, which is TOTALLY OK!  

I was also offered an amazing gem by incredible coaching partner, Danielle:

Maybe the thing she's looking to hear from you today will be the exact thing you're needing to hear from yourself.  

GAAAHHHH!!!!!  And boy was she right.  The theme of the call was about standing in your authentic truth, regardless of what others will think and say.  

I stood in my truth this week multiple times, but the reactions weren't to my liking, which is TOTALLY OK!  I wouldn't have had it any other way because I LOVE that I express my truth, no matter what.  

So, what do you think ended up happening?  

The ownership of my pain without judgment and letting it be, allowed for one of the best consultations I'd ever given.  (**please note-- I didn't SHARE the info with the potential client, but I didn't push my experience out of the conversation either) 

She was highly complimentary over what I'd offered her, and we're going to follow-up on working together this week!  

I love how this work keeps pushing me to the next level.  

I love that I practice what I preach and have the ability to admit falling on my face or feeling stuck in my own life, while I still know I feel so clear about helping you with yours!

Blindspots are inevitable when we are the stars of our own movies.  

That's why we have tools and jin communities with those who know how to elevate our whole being, so that we can grow and thrive, vs spiral and hide.  

Where are you stuck?  

What blocks are holding you back from moving through your pain, and ultimately thriving from it?   

I encourage you to say "boy bye" to your shame, and take a chance on a FREE CONSULTATION with me to get you to where you want to go.

Pain will inevitably be a part of this growth journey, but so GODDAMN worth it.

Have a wonderful long weekend, my loves.





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