I Jumped on the Shame Train!

You guys!

Everything I coach my clients off the ledge about, I went ahead and did MYSELF this weekend.


It's scary to admit this because there's a perfectionist within who says:

 "Don't tell them you had SHAMEFUL THOUGHTS!  That's what YOU coach THEM to not indulge!"

But alas, I pride myself on honesty and being human over putting on airs, regardless of what others think... which is definitely a result of doing this life-coaching work, flaws n' all.  


WHY ALL THE SHAME, you ask?  

I think it was a residual effect of the most successful month I've had as a coach in July.  I started working with an off-the-charts business coach, and as a result, I attracted a lot more clients.  

Sure, she introduced some savvy sales and marketing tools, but most importantly, she BLEW MY CLAIRED MIND.  

I can't reiterate this enough, my loves-- it's ALWAYS your blind-spotted thoughts that are holding you back from creating the results you want.  ALWAYS.


It reminds me of my acting teacher telling us to NEVER go on an audition without rehearsing the scene with someone else first-- there's always something you will easily miss that will be blaringly obvious to the trusted person running the lines with you.  

So I mucked through all the discomfort I had around my self-worth as an entrepreneur, and began to raise my beliefs to a whole 'nother BADASS-BOSS-BABE level, and




And hard.

And then I freaked.

Kinda like when I book a big acting job and then afterwards I THINK, it'll probably be another year if I'm lucky to get a gig like this again...

I couldn't help but think my recent business success was a fluke-- after all, I got TWO articles published on The Everygirl, which led to a lot of new followers and clients, but I currently don't have any upcoming pieces to put out there...

So there began the self-sabotaging thoughts about me, my business and my worth.


I was setting new and bigger goals for August, and was terrified.  Then with the diligent thought-work and my coach's tough yet loving guidance, I GOT STOKED.

And then terrified again.... 

And then...you guessed it--


It's similar to the roller coaster of emotions during heartbreak-- sometimes it's a great day and you don't miss Mr. Wrong, but then the next day he'll creep back into your head-- reminding you of the good times that were few and far between the bad.  

But I made sure to take inspired action from my STOKED HEADSPACE and wrote on my huge dry erase board that I keep by my bed, all the VERY TRUE thoughts about why I am the successful coach that I am.  

I was on such a high about this new goal for August, and had all these ideas of what I'd do over the weekend, and purposefully made sure I wasn't coaching too much so that I could take care of the nuts and bolts behind the scenes...

And I didn't do ANY of it.

I thought about writing a new article... and then went for a run.  I thought about creating content for a free live training, and then stalked the most random people on Instagram.  I thought about creating a list of what I wanted to address in upcoming emails to YOU, and ended up socializing way more than this extroverted introvert was used to.

Cut to yesterday when my body was numb and tingly, my MIND was annoyed at myself, and therefore totally unmotivated-- not to mention the one too many glasses of wine from Saturday night were collaborating in my head for a rock-band rehearsal I had no choice but to attend.


In between lazy naps and lots of shoulding myself, I pondered what I could effing write about for Claire Your Mind Monday from this fun space of being Self-Pitying Penelope...

The thought, "What can you teach your audience after you did NOTHING this weekend?" popped up and then I caught myself:  

"Sista-FRIEND.  You gotta do the WORK on yaself!"

So I asked myself, Why am I feeling ashamed for playing hooky this weekend?

Answer: Because I "SHOULD" be working on my business.




Because I DIDN'T!

And it hit me... my body and mind were screaming to rebel, let loose, and have some FREAKIN' FUN that had NOTHING to do with my business.  

I have been eating, sleeping, and BREATHING my baby for the last couple of months, and MAMA NEEDED A FREAKIN' BREAK.

I'm one of the hardest working people I know.  I'm committed as F%$^ to my business, and sometimes my brain just wants to numb out a little, which I'M ACTUALLY TOTALLY FINE WITH!  

From this space of Self-Owned Sally, I was able to enjoy my leisurely naps, say "I LOVE YOU" to my bloated belly, and wouldn't you know it?  I ended up setting up a couple of consultations and felt inspired to share this quick turn-around with all of you, which I was able to do ON MY OWN!

(don't feel shame for leaning on others when you need to--I HAVE A VILLAGE to do the same, but it just so happened to be nice that I talked myself off the ledge last night:) 

Shame is LAME, and it happens to the best of us.

I know the dedication to this work allows me to snap out of it pretty quickly-- I never preach that this work is about NEVER feeling pain or shame again.

You experience it, acknowledge it, investigate it, and with the tools, you turn that shite around!

Thanks for keeping me going, loves.  I hope if ANY shame is creeping in to YOUR precious brains, you'll take the time to do the same.  

It gets easier the more you do it... this I promise you, but KEEP IN MIND, this is NOT an excuse to let yourself off the hook if you find yourself constantly putting off the work.

Ask yourself honestly-- Do I need a break, or is my brain repeatedly resisting doing the hard things that keep me in a state of avoidance and indecision?  

Know the difference and proceed with the utmost self-love and care to go about things differently, in order to get the RESULTS YOU WANT!  

I'll leave you with my FAVORITE 12 Step quote:



Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.

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