My Coach Interviewed Me on Her Podcast!

I have been working with an AMAZEBALLS coach over the last two months!  

Stacey Smith created a business program-- DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL-- which I've decided was LITERALLY MADE FOR ME, so that I could take my life coaching business to the next level.

For so long, my personal growth work had been focused on healing my heart-- not just in intimate relationships but with ALL relationships.

Now that I felt pretty clear on how to consciously navigate my relationships, (of course we never know who will appear in our lives to ruffle some feathers but I feel EQUIPPED to handle it with my ginormous toolbox!) I decided it was time to start DATING MY BUSINESS!

Stacey was the perfect fairy godmother to appear in my life, and my business has grown exponentially as a result of my work with her-- not just on how to better market and sell myself, but on SHIFTING MY MINDSET.  

Since recording this podcast, I've grown my business to a place where I NEVER in a MILLION YEARS would have believed could happen in such a short period of time.  

Because of my work with Stacey, I'm now going to Cabo in November to learn even more from her and meet this incredible Diva Business School tribe I've been searching for over the last 2.5 years I've been a coach. 

And I was able to give notice to leave my job as a personal assistant, which I've had for the last 4 years, as I've juggled auditions and a small but steady group of coaching clients.

To say I'm ECSTATIC and couldn't shout this woman from the mountain tops even higher, IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!  

CHECK OUT THE PODCAST HERE!  It's the BONUS between episodes 46 & 47.

WARNING-- I F-BOMB A LOT.  And maybe cry.  


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