Why My Business is BOOMING All of a Sudden

I've generated more income as a life coach in the last two months than I have FOR THE WHOLE YEAR of 2017.

My mind is BLOWN.  

People ask: WHAT's CHANGED?  

They want to know all the ACTION STEPS I took.  

I hired a second coach to solely focus on my business.  Raised my prices.  Tabled my dating and acting life, and made a conscious choice to go ALL IN on Claire Your Mind in a way I never have before.  

But here's the thing...

I took ALL of these SAME ACTION STEPS in 2017.

Total head-scratcher, right?  

We always want to jump into action to make a change, but I repeatedly see that most of us don't want to do the MINDSET WORK.  

Why do you think lottery winners have a tendency to eventually go broke again?  Or overweight people have a high risk of gaining back the weight?  

They think the money coming in or the weight coming off is the answer to FREEDOM and feeling better, but it's just NOT, my loves. 

What changed for me over the last two months is that I got SUPER CLEAR with my new coach about my MINDSET regarding Claire Your Mind.

I've come so far in this work in terms of healing my past and creating the happiest and healthiest relationships with friends & family.  I show up in my dating life in a completely new, empowered, and self-owned way.  And I LOVE the relationships I've cultivated with my clients...

But my relationship with MYSELF as a FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR was still mired in all kinds of effed-up, unworthy, Irish Catholic guilt that was blocking me from THRIVING in my business!!!!  

THOUGHTS, like: 

Who am I to charge this much?  

What will people think?!

What if I charge this much and no one ever bites and then I'm making NO $?!

prevented me from owning the badass boss babe coach I knew I was deep, deep down within. 

After all, I had the EVIDENCE to support that I was an amazing coach.  I had a loyal group of clients who were thriving.  I was consistently getting feedback about how this work (THOUGHT NOT EASY!) was shifting their lives in ways they had been dreaming of for so long.

What it came down to was that I knew my business wasn't thriving in financial abundance because of ME.

So I put my big-girl-panties on and moved through the discomfort of ALL my bullshit fear-based beliefs that I was beyond OVER.

I started out with asking myself, WHAT'S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN IF I RAISE MY PRICES?

People won't pay.  


First of all, when I got really clear about HOW MUCH VALUE I OFFER MY CLIENTS-- not just during, but OUTSIDE of our sessions, it actually became a NO-BRAINER that I was TOTALLY worth charging more.

And of course there would people who wouldn't want to pay what I think I'm worth, so the next area of work was to BE TOTALLY OK WITH THAT.

Similar to dating, I had to own the catch that I think I am, (not in an egoic manner, but in a confident and self-owned one) regardless of what the object of my affection (aka potential desirable clients) would think.

The next area of fear to be addressed was, "BUT HOW WOULD I SUPPORT MYSELF IF NO ONE PAYS ME?"

And it hit me that I was actually already supporting myself, so my worst case scenario was where I was at already, and I just so happened to be alive and HAPPY at that point...  

But just because I was alive and happy, didn't mean I wasn't capable or worthy of creating more abundance in my life.

So then I got SUPER CLEAR about WHY I wanted to create more financial abundance in my life...

A question I ALWAYS ask my clients but wasn't asking myself was:  WHAT'S YOUR WHY BEHIND CREATING YOUR DESIRED RESULTS?

I want to spend more time in New York, Charlotte and Dublin, where family and friends like family live.   

I want to see more of the world.

And hell... if I decide I want a baby with no potential baby daddy in the picture, I want the freedom to become a mother if I so choose, without worrying about being able to financially support a child and can create a schedule of my own, DOING WHAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!  

So my work with my new coach has been about continuing to diffuse all the habitual fear-based beliefs DAILY, while ALREADY SHOWING UP IN THE WORLD as the woman who travels the world, baby in tow, and puts her head on the pillow every night, with the fullest heart, knowing she's guiding other women to create the same for themselves.



Are you exhausted reading all the steps that are required to create the life of your dreams?  


No joke.  This life coach is a tired one right now.  Lots of excited and nervous energy keeping her up late and waking her up early, but the EXHAUSTION IS WORTH IT because I feel like a magical sorceress these days.

Guess what?  YOU CAN BE ONE TOO.  

How BADLY do you want your dream to come true?  

Do you want your fear to prevent you from making it happen?  

Or do you want to bust through those horseshite beliefs and live the fantasy you never thought was possible?

I'm offering a pretty sweet deal for the month of August to work with me for a full year.   Contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION on how we can TRULY MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.





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