I'm Published on The Everygirl!

Happy Saturday, Loves!

A few months back, I was inspired to write an article about my personal journey on how I healed my broken heart after embarking on several very toxic and one emotionally abusive relationship.  

I searched tirelessly for that piece I knew I was missing in the healing process in order to find peace and understanding as to why I was continuing to ALLOW MYSELF to get mired in so much drama and pain.  

I'm REALLY PROUD of this vulnerable story, and am beyond honored that The Everygirl wanted to publish it-- I love their insightful pieces and gorgeous taste on everything from fashion, to home decor to places I look forward to visiting one day.

So without further ado, here's my story, How A Life Coach Healed Her Broken Heart.  I hope if this resonates or you think someone else will find it helpful, that you'll pass it along!   

Lots of love from my healed heart,



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