A kick-ass client recently came to me because she found herself in overwhelm.  

I want to lose weight.

I want to figure out my next job.

I want to speak my truth in my relationships and not apologize or feel guilty for my needs. 

I've been suffering from chronic illnesses for the last 15+ years and I'm so. OVER. it.  

This was not her first rodeo in terms of getting help.  She had been in therapy for years, dealing with all the ways her illnesses had affected her personal and professional life.  

During our first session, she described all the methods she was using to "take care" of herself.

I journal, meditate, exercise, oil pull, make vegan shakes, try to cut out sugar, dairy, alcohol, gluten, make spreadsheets of my goals/finances, spend time with my family, energy tap, and then try to exercise some more...

So then I posed my favorite Dr. Phil question of all time:

 "And how's that working out for ya?"  

Exhausted, sad, and I STILL feel bad about my body on the inside and out!  

DOING all the things externally, vs HEALING what's going on INTERNALLY, will never sustain yourselves, my loves.

This is a continued challenge for my over-achieving client who's been working "so hard" to FIX what she thinks is BROKEN about her.  

Unlike most clients, I tell this warrior woman to SCALE BACK on all the practices she exhausts herself with, and I encourage her to feel the uncomfortable feelings instead.  


I know:  "That's what I'm paying you for Claire?!  For you to just tell me to feel my pain vs look for ways to cure it constantly?"


Feeling negative emotion is NOT a bad thing, my loves.  And when you're doing all the things to make yourself feel better, but you're still not??


And the really fun part is knowing that 50% of our reality is to experience pain as human beings.  

It's much easier to move through it when you surrender to it, versus trying to write it or exercise it away.  

Give yourself permission to be sad, my loves.  It's an inevitable part of your human experience.  

Be grateful you're ALIVE to FEEL what you're feeling!

And remember, we wouldn't truly be able to understand the high of the joys you experience, without the lows of your pain.  



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