I Know What I Need to Do

You "know" you should see a life coach to heal your shite and create the life of your dreams.  

You "know" you should amp up your exercise regimen in order to lose that stubborn 5 lbs.

You "know" you should put yourself out there more so you can meet Mr. Right.  

And perhaps after following me for a while, you "know" that it's the thoughts you're choosing to think that yield the current results in your life.  

So if you REALLY KNOW what the solution to your problem is...


I recently asked myself this LIFE-CHANGING question with regards to my coaching business.

Up until a month ago, I "knew" that I should be networking in person instead of conveniently hiding behind my screen as the only way to share a service I whole-heartedly believe in.  

I also "knew" that despite my unabashed pride for being the kick-ass life coach that I am, I SUCK at sales and marketing, (no shame in that at ALL-- I have a THEATRE degree for God's sake), but being mired in the "not-knowing-how" prevented me from effectively continuing to expand Claire Your Mind to where I wanted it to go.  

And as I mentioned in I FELL OFF THE WAGON , I decided to escape what felt to be "too hard" by dating a few dudes as an easy distraction with the justification that I didn't search for them-- THEY WERE PRESENTED TO ME, so why not take a looksie??  

Well if you revert back to another post from three months ago, FOCUS ON ONE THING, you'll discover there are PLENTY of good reasons to NOT.



My incredible coach, Brooke Castillo, didn't recommend focusing on one thing I want to accomplish because of an inability to multi-task...

She told me to focus on one thing so that I not only accomplish my dream goal, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will have grown significantly because of what is required of me to go ALL IN, like I never have before.  

And what's required of me ISN'T going out and being a better networker in person.  Or about brushing up on sales and marketing skills...

HUH?????  But Claire didn't you just say....????

MY LOVES.  What's REQUIRED of me is the SHIFT IN MY MINDSET that allows me to 100,000% believe that I am perfectly capable of creating the business of my DREAMS.  

THAT'S what I've been doing since I nipped outside distractions in the bud.

And from this mindset of whole-heartedly KNOWING my business is going in the right direction, (not pretending to know) I show up and take inspired action like finding a great program to SHOW ME HOW to sell and market my services, and I meditate every day as a reminder that I'm a perfect creation of the divine, and that new creative ideas flow to me effortlessly.  

I'm also connecting with other incredible like-minded female entrepreneurs who inspire me and hopefully I inspire them to keep going until our goals are met, NO MATTER WHAT.  

The life coach isn't going to change your life.  

The exercise may help you shed the 5 lbs, but will eventually find it's way back to your arse.

And putting yourself out there more isn't necessarily going to bring you the RIGHT guy.

It's the SHIFT IN YOUR MINDSET that will bring you those desired results.  

Wait.  Claire.  You're telling me that if I hire you, my life won't change?!

GIRL.  It will TOTALLY CHANGE.  AMAZZZZZING things will happen if you hire me...  


I can't change your life.  I can only GUIDE you to change your life.  

The change comes from WITHIN.

We're halfway through 2018, already...

What are you waiting for to make your dreams come true??  

I'm offering a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your fears, dreams, and how I can help you with both on a 6 MONTH ONE ON ONE COACHING JOURNEY with me! 

What have you got to lose on simply finding out what this coaching thang is all about?  

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