I Never Excelled

One of the most multi-talented women I know, rolled this gem off her tongue the other day during a coaching a session.

"Yes, I'm good at guitar, singing, painting, and acting, but I never really excelled at any of them..."

I let her continue to go down her slope of frustration until she was done, even though I was chomping at the bit to say:


Truth be told, I've known this client for years, and I realized she'd been telling this story for a long time, prior to us doing this work.  

How many of you don't think you're as good as you "should be" at something, or as successful as you want to be?

What if I told you that your definition of success and your idea of excelling might not mean having the most amount of money or being at a Mozart-level of genius?  

Maybe you'd argue with me that it IS your definition, but I'm here to lovingly tell you, 


We get to make meaning about where we're at in every area of our lives RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

You get to choose how you want to define yourself.  



Don't get me wrong-- do I think if I wasn't so consumed by my toxic relationships from my mid-20's into my early 30's that I'd be a much more successful actress?


But this isn't a thought that hurts me!  I love that acting is still in my life, AND my rock bottom invited me to embark on a soul-searching journey that was VITAL for my overall health and well-being, which has inspired me to help others and dramatically improve my relationships.  

And if I WANTED to, I could continue to make acting my priority, but I don't...at least not right now, which makes me feel empowered and super excited about what I'm creating with Claire Your Mind.  

However, I could feel my client's disappointment through the phone as she attached to this story she created as her truth.

I could also feel her quick shift into relief when I offered, "You know that this idea of you NOT excelling is just a thought, right?"

It was CLAIRE that she wanted to dive into one talent a little deeper-- similar to me with focusing solely on Claire Your Mind-- and I fully support this desire, but we had to CLEAN UP HER JUDGMENT OF WHERE SHE WAS AT RIGHT NOW as well as her JUDGMENT OF "NOT EXCELLING" IN THE PAST, in order to create space for her to FULLY THRIVE, moving forward.  

So we cleaned up her self-sabotaging thoughts, and created a beautiful NEW ONE...

which then created MORE discomfort for her, so we broke that down AS WELL:) 

Care to know what it is??  

I'll share it with you when we set up your FREE CONSULTATION to see how I can help YOU change an old story and create a new one beyond your WILDEST dreams!

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Stop waiting for external circumstances to shift, in order for you to take the leap...

It's the INTERNAL shift within YOU that decides,





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