I Fell Off The Wagon

EXACTLY THREE MONTHS AGO TODAY, I vowed to Focus On One Thing to all of you.  

I had just gotten coached by the incredible, Brooke Castillo, who reminded me that when you're trying to accomplish three big things at once, you usually won't get that much movement. 

I really wanted to search for true love, continue to hustle with acting, AND expand Claire Your Mind to a whole 'nother level.  

Brooke observed that when I talked about men or auditions, I was coming from a place of fear, as I constantly mentioned how old I was getting or that because I just did a movie, people in the industry were telling me to strike while the iron is hot, and use this credit to get in more doors.  

But when I spoke about my business, I felt grounded, excited and CLAIRE!

We agreed that if I go all in, not only would I grow Claire Your Mind, but I TOO was going to grow PERSONALLY, as I stretched my goals, took big risks, and believed whole-heartedly in taking my baby to the NEXT LEVEL.  

Brooke also reminded me that I booked the two biggest acting jobs of my life, when acting was the lowest of my priorities, so keep doing what I'm doing and the gigs will come.

I couldn't have agreed more with this whole approach.

Determined and more than ready, I deleted the dating apps, left acting alone, and even went on a nice cleanse to detox my body.  

And wouldn't you know it, I was approached by FOUR different friends who wanted to set me up! 

I had to laugh and decided that in the same way I'd welcome acting in if he showed up at my door, I'd be open to dating someone I'm interested in without having to swipe right 1000 times a day to find him.

I was intrigued by one prospect and went on a lovely first date, but my initial hunch was right-- I didn't think we were going to scratch much below the surface, but daaammmmn...

he had some pretty hot tatts and consistently showed up, which was refreshing to this recovering lover of commitment-phobes, but after a handful of dates (and too much of my time and energy hemming and hawing) it was clear we weren't a match.

This short stint reminded me of how much I LOVE dating-- getting gussied up (as I mostly live in workout clothes) and tapping into my romantic/luvvvaaaaaa side...

so I "took a brief peek" back on Bumble again, and BOOM!, connected with a therapist who, hands down, goes in my TOP 5 BEST FIRST DATES EVER... which is saying A LOT!

But after a few weeks in, I realized we didn't have as much in common besides our passion for self-help... 

Which inspired me to take a dare of the day (the theme of the month for my coaching program) and reaching out to a guy who was interested in getting my number a while back, but never used it... I was super proud of owning myself and putting myself out there, but the drinks ended up being way more platonic than I'd hoped.

Are you as exhausted as I am, reading about all these dating antics from a life coach who swore all her time and energy would be focused on her business?!

Well I certainly am as I divulge how derailed I got from my main focus, and frankly, I'm frustrated that I didn't commit whole-heartedly to my goal.

So here I am, your flawed but at least brutally honest life coach, pulling myself up by my bootstraps and going straight back to my original plan.

There's NO need to beat myself up or fight reality by trying to rewind time... I KNOW this was all supposed to unfold the way it did because...well... it unfolded the way it DID, and when I argue with reality, I SUFFER.

PLUS, I learned a TON about myself during these brief encounters, and I'm always humbled to share these personal life-gems with all of you.  

And I STILL made some progress with Claire Your Mind, despite the distractions-- I got a few new clients, a bunch of new subscribers, and just found out an article I wrote will be published on The Everygirl!

But what if, during the next three months, I TOTALLY commit to CYM and get TEN articles published, officially launch my new niche gearing towards college girls, and establish myself enough so that if I want to take off to New York, Charlotte, or Dublin, I could coach from anywhere while getting to connect with my friends and family??

Those are the type of HUGE GOALS I'm talkin' about that I KNOW I'm capable of achieving when I GO. ALL. IN...

I'm not going to lie... it scares me to make this commitment out loud, (AGAIN!) to all of you... but if I don't blog about it, it will probably never happen... right?!

Hold me accountable, loves!  Let me show you that when you set the big goals that scare you, you're on the RIGHT TRACK.

And for those of you reading this who are single or pursuing acting, this doesn't mean you kick those goals to the wayside or put them on pause because I am... 

What I'm suggesting is choosing that one big goal that feels most right for YOU, and GOING ALL IN.

Are you ready?

YES, but also terrified?

Then you're right on track, my loves.  


Do you want to be in the same place on SEPTEMBER 18th or wake up like a BOSS saying, "YAASSSSSS, I DID IT. HAPPY FALL TO ME!"

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.  

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