Is Your Suffering Necessary?

I get it.  You lost your job.   Your partner suddenly left you.  Your loved one was diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

And you are SUFFERING greatly.  As you should.  

After all, you're HUMAN. 

When we experience these kinds of events, I invite us to ALL embrace such pain and move through it by CHOOSING to consciously grieve...

Talk to a professional.  Cry it out.  Scream it out.  Punch it out.  (in a safe space, of course)

But the kind of suffering I'd like to question you on today is your DAY TO DAY SUFFERING over what my Irish father would call HORSESHITE.  

For those of you who don't know me too well, I'm a fiery Irish woman meself, who's got a whole lotta love to give and endless silly laughs to share...

But if something or someone pisses me off, I can let it take up A LOT of my time and energy.

THANKFULLY, I no longer unload my triggered reaction to the person who supposedly "caused" it...(remember-- I don't believe ANYONE is the cause of my suffering.  Or yours.  But that's a whole 'nother post for another day) 

But I have no problem picking up the phone and calling the Gayle to my Oprah and bitch to her ON THE REG.  

Look.  I'm ALL for a little conscious complaining to our loved ones and having a safe space to process our feelings when we're upset.

But I've noticed that for me and a few of my clients, there's been a recent tendency to over-indulge on complaints that cause SO MUCH UNNECESSARY SUFFERING.

Let's be real...

Is it really a problem that I didn't sweat much in an "intermediate" yoga class because we did baby cobras a solid 35 mins into the practice?  

Is it really a problem that I cheated on my cleanse last night, celebrating Easter?

Is it really a problem that I have obligations every single night for two weeks in a row, being that I'm an extroverted introvert?  

NO.  But boy do I want to say WTF and complain and feel mad about all of the above.  

So what's the real truth?  

  • I'm feckin' LUCKY that I have a strong, able, and willing body, that can do SO much. I'm also lucky to have the TIME and the MEANS to show up to fitness classes most days of the week!

  • I'm a BADASS for committing to a cleanse and having no alcohol for 22 days in a row! Plus, I'm beyond grateful to have a home I'm welcome to for all holidays in LA and indulge on delicious food and wine!

  • And WOE is ME that I have so many people I love and who love me, who happen to have birthdays and events I'm invited to, as well as a growing list of clients to coach! I dreamed of having this full life in LA, and now it's HAPPENING!!!

We have a CHOICE on how we want to look at a lot of what we perceive to be as "problems," my loves.  

What's the small stuff that you're sweating right now?  

Did the cute guy not call you back?  Did you not book the job you wanted so badly?  Did an asshole on the road cut you off?

The guy wasn't your guy-- revisit what a catch you KNOW you are, and remind yourself why maybe he wasn't the best fit for YOU.

The job wasn't meant to be yours-- look at what you could have done differently and if you felt you showed up and did your best, OWN that.  Keep putting yourself out there and trust that the right job is coming for you.  

And the asshole who cut you off?  


He's still an asshole.  

Road rage is TOTALLY justifiable.  Especially if you're a fiery Irish New Yorker living in LA.

What can I say? 

This life coach is still a #workinprogress ;)

I know, I know, I knowwwww...  Perhaps he was running late to see his life coach!

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday.

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