Focus on ONE Thing!

Are you multi-passionate like ME?!

This self-help nerd is FASCINATED with continuous learning and growing in SO many areas of my life!

Three areas in particular are acting, my love-life, and of course, EXPANDING CLAIRE YOUR MIND. 

I have SO many ideas and desires and hopes and plans...

which always lead to feelings OVERWHELM. 

Which then justifies having that extra glass of wine or snacking when I'm not even hungry...


It's a vicious cycle I've visited one too many times, so I addressed it ALL with my coach, Brooke Castillo, this past week. 

In this video, I talk about being judged and joked about on my Instagram page, how I handled it, and WHAT INSPIRED ME TO NARROW MY FOCUS DOWN TO ONE AREA OF MY LIFE.

WHAT DID I CHOOSE?  Check it out!

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