Let it Suck, Let it Suck, Let it Suck!

Is this the antithesis of what a life coach SHOULD be offering you this holiday season??


Last week sucked for me. IT JUST DID.

Everything I touched seemed to go to SHIT.


My 2019 goals have felt oh so far away, based on the efforts I’ve made and the amount of no’s and closed doors in my face that I’ve received over the last couple of weeks.

Obviously, the life coach in me KNOWS that I’m not in alignment to attract all that I want to achieve and create in my life right now...

Which then makes me want to BEAT MYSELF UP!

Claire. You teach OTHERS how to get out of their own funks, why aren’t you getting out of YOURS?!

The vrittis (what the yogis call the modifications of the mind) had taken over, and I was not in a good way towards the end of this week.

My best friend asked, “Well, what would you say if you were talking to one of your clients right now?”

I was irritated by the question because it reminded me of how I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching for a LIVING.

I immediately responded with, “I’m in too much of a blind-spot right now to think about that!”

Then I paused and remembered that I do this to her all the time, so it was definitely my turn to rise to her occasion!

You know what? I’d tell them it’s totally ok to feel like everything SUCKS right now. I’d tell them to just let it suck.

And it just so happens that a lot of my clients ARE feeling extra heavy in the heart this holiday season, so that is what I’ve been offering them, but the over-achieving coaching student within, felt like I wasn’t allowed to give myself that permission.

Sometimes thought work feels too INAUTHENTIC to take on, when the emotions feel so heavy.

I still think thought work is the GOLD I’d been missing for a majority of my life…

I still KNOW that it’s our thoughts that create our suffering and our joy.

I had believed such painful stories about myself that I played out for way too long. I don’t say this with regret— I say it because once I learned how to do it, IT TRANSFORMED MY LIFE.

But I’m still human. I still get rejected. I still want to love and be loved. And I still find myself wanting other humans to step up the way I pride myself on stepping up.

Giving myself permission to let myself THINK everything sucks, is the greatest gift I could give myself this holiday season.

And wouldn’t you know it… ONCE I DID THAT, things didn’t suck as much anymore.

My head and heart felt that much lighter, and I was able to step into my vulnerability and speak my truth from my clairest, highest self, without fearing what those on the receiving end would think or say.


Are you ready to step into your 2019 with the clairest head and most self-compassionate heart while you create the life of your dreams??


Happy Holidays and when all else fails…





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