I Said Yes to My Ex! (and why I'm ok with it)

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday, my LOVES!

THANK YOU so much for all the love regarding the launch of my Healing Heartbreak site and especially for the support of my  Heartbreak Story last week.

And a SPECIAL WELCOME to all of my NEW SUBSCRIBERS!  Hearing from people I've never met who relate to my story and are interested in the work I do, is the most rewarding response I can receive.   PLEASE DON'T STAY A STRANGER!

I'll let you get to today's vlog post on why I JUSTIFIED saying yes to my ex this past week.  (Don't judge until you watch...then judge away!)

But before I go, if you're interested in my Healing Heartbreak Program, check out the link here and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!  

Much Love from My Healed Heart,