Happy Claire Your Mind Monday, my loves!

How many times do you think, "I don't know why I attract the same kind of emotionally unavailable partner?" or  "I don't know why I can't let go of a break-up from someone who didn't even treat me well!" 


You're well aware that you're continuing an unhealthy unconscious pattern passed down from a parent, or a scarring situation at school as a kid launched you onto a path of unworthiness in a particular area of your life as an adult.

Today I'd like to offer, WHO THE F CARES WHY?!

Is it helpful to connect the dots?  Sure.  But fixating on the why helps you to continue to play out and identify with the STORY THAT IS NO LONGER SERVING YOU.  

What about DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT IN THE PRESENT?   You get to decide that you're not a victim of your past TODAY!

I've noticed several clients this week want to get a better understanding of analyzing the situation and being in the business of the other person who "hurt them."  

All of that energy is USELESS.  

Instead, come back to the now.  Ask TWO of my favorite Byron Katie questions:

Who would I be without this thought?  and  What is PERFECT about this situation?   

Perhaps who you'd be without the thought is someone who puts more energy into her career, her health, or her social life... 

Perhaps the situation is perfect because it's inspiring you to connect deeper within and wake you up from unconscious beliefs that haven't served you for way too long.  

If you truly have a stronger desire to FEEL BETTER over attaching to your painful story, you'll do what it takes.  If you know that the thought tools offer you peace in the moment, then KEEP DOING THEM.    

And if the pain is too raw to figure out a new thought, then ALLOW FOR THE PAIN.  This is a CRUCIAL part of the healing process.  

Be with it.  Love yourself so much during it.  Light a candle.  Wrap yourself up in the yummiest blanket.  Cry.  Pray.  Lean on loved ones.  

When you allow the pain to move through you, you'll create space for a new story that serves you.  

But please, for the love of God-- let go of the damn why's of the past that are only distracting you from attaining freedom and peace in the present.  

It's a process, my loves.

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday!  

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